DOA Vball Tips!

Not that I have any, I was wondering if anybody on here had any tips for DOA Vball.

Yes, pretend it''s for your little sister.

When spiking the ball, wait until you start dropping from the top of your jump before hitting the A button. I could be wrong, but that''s what lets you do the big massive ""Super"" spikes.

I''m honestly a lot more impressed with this game than I thought I would be. There''s a lot more depth hiding under the surface, both in the VBall game and the dating sim parts. It''s a really... weird... game, but fun. So far. =)

IGN gave it 9.2 with a pretty in-depth review. They also have a few gameplay movies. Color me impressed! On the other hand, Gamespot gave it a 6, but then again, that wouldn''t be the first game I like they destroy. They gave Dragon''s Lair 5.1. Pffffffffft!

Can''t find it anywhere yet here in the Tundra.

Well guess who reviewed it for Gamespot, its your everyday Jeff Gerstmann!

Ill have to try that spike thing thanks!

Ive decided to stick with the game, because alot of people seem to enjoy it, and really, I have barely scratched the surface with the vball or dating sim aspects because I get my ass whupped at vball. I want to win so they can hug, damnit!

1) Try to get to be the guy who empties the girl''s trash so that you can reclaim the stuff they threw out. I keep trying to corrupt Leifang with guns, but they wind up in the garbage...I''d like to get my arsenal back.

2) Switch Zack''s voice back to Japanese. Don''t much care for Rodman (or other filthy bastards for that matter).

I have now gotten pretty decent at the volleyball in this game, to the point where I can afford to buy some of the very expensive underwear-like swimsuits. I could watch Hitomi all day in that black nighty, I dont care if shes eviscerating my family with a plastic spoon. At any rate, I thought Id share the wealth.

The main thing I didn''t have down is that you have to follow the advice in the manual, as stupid as it sounds, ""Don''t think, feel."". Don''t try too hard, just sit back and hit the ball when it seems right. It really helps with the speed and the aim of the ball.

The second thing is that you need to try to create openings. Try to stand at one side, so that the comp will move to that side, then move to the other side just before you serve. This will leave an opening in the girls you can slip right into. Once you do that, its easy to score.

I made a funny

I wonder if they''ll do a sequel featuring Snoop Dogg as the ""host"" and call it DOAXVB: Doggy Style.