School Shooting NOT Hollywood's or Video Games Fault

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The case questioned the responsibility of moviemakers and other entertainment companies for video games and other products that feature violence.

Score one for the good guys! I know we've all been in discussions about the above, and it's like kicking a dead gerbil, but in case you hadn't seen/heard of this one, I thought I'd enlighten ya!

Where the hell where this kids parents! Were they not aware of what their kid was doing? At age 14 my parents wouldn''t let me buy or see anything too violent or pornographic. Parents need to interact with thier kids more and excercise more parental control over their children at that young age.

It''s about time gamers had a victory over the ""movies and video games made my kid a murderer "" group. As the saying goes ""Guns don''t kill people, people kill people"" I would apply that to films, games etc.

(jeez, hope I don''t come off as too preachy here.)

It might be a bit farfetched but wouldn''t this count as one of the examples of claim-suits going too far? Sometimes it feels like people are trying to circumvent their own responsibilities by blaming someone else.

Sometimes? What kind of idyllic utopia is this The Netherlands place? Around the U.S. it seems to be the default response.

Ah, someday I will sue Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Logitec and any other peripheral manufacturer for giving me RSI from playing games too much!

Australia seems to be about two years behind America in this department. Over-litigation is killing freedom worse than terrorists. ""Remember the good old days when you were allowed to swim in the ocean"" *sigh*

I wonder how much a ticket to The Netherlands would be?

Yeah we have yet to reach the level of hypocrisy that has been achieved in the US but Europe is going strong! Don''t invest your money in planefare''s yet, it might be possible that the claimculture sets afoot here overnight

Legalist''s POV:
In America, nothing is wrong unless it''s specifically illegal. I don''t know why folks getting all bent out of shape about some moral issue (violent media and young people) that isn''t breaking any actual laws. Killing people is a crime, so we should outlaw its''s not a crime to be a bad parent, but it should be against the law to make violent media.

Sane POV:
People are like big fat kids more often than not. Whiny ones, too.

Remember, before video games and movies, there was no violence or crime.

Translation: the Supreme Court''s got bigger fish to fry.