Anyone here playing any sports games?

Something that I always thought was missing from another gaming website I used to frequent, was coverage of sports games. I found this ironic since some of the more passionate threads (usually about unrelated topics) were sports-related. I usually chalked the lack of coverage up to the people responsible for posting stories not being very interested in sports. I thought I'd bring up the issue here since it seemed like a nice 'forum' for discussion.

Do any of you play sports games on your PC or console? What do you play and why do you like it? I'll admit I have a hidden agenda. I'm trying to figure out if I should buy NBA 2K3 for my cube. But I was also just curious how many sports and sports games fans were in our midst.

Great topic. I love sports games. Right now I''m playing Tiger Woods 2003, which I find to be an excellent game. There are obviously Madden and NCAA Football but you specifically mentioned NBA 2k3. While I haven''t played this game I have heard good things about it, one very important thing I look for in all sports games are stats. I need tons and tons of stats as well as a franchise mode with stats. I think if NBA 2k3 has a franchise mode, tracks playoff stats, as well as has injuries etc is a must own for a basketball fan, particullarly one who is trying to win the 17th Championship for his beloved Boston Celtics.

FIFA 2003, on the X-Box (for framerate reasons). Love it!

Now bring on Winning 11!

I''ve said it before, I will say it again.

NHL 2K3 is Outstanding!

- Elysium

I enjoy sports games for their replay value, I can usually get close to 100 hours play time before I really get tired of them. I think the reason coverage seems to slim is that sports games never really seem to change.

""EA has released NHL 2003.. it''s just like 2002 except the rosters are updated and the graphics are kind of better""

Not very exciting.

Most sports translate into fun and unique gameplay imo. I have NHL2K3, Outlaw Golf, Transworld Snowboarding and Deathrow on Xbox. None on the PC.

What game settings, if any, do you change in NHL2K3 Elysium? The default settings are way too realistic ( read: boring ) for my taste. Hockey is a lot more exciting when goals get scored imo, so I lowered the goalies skills, rebounds, pass interceptions, shots blocking and stuff like that. That flexibility is pretty cool but the downside of it is that you''ll never find someone who uses the same exact settings as you.

Also, beeing the graphics enthusiast that I am, NHL2K3 is pretty sh*tty looking when compared with NHL2003 and NHL Hitz 2003. And that''s putting it up nicely. If it wasn''t for the Live support, 2K3 would probably be my last choice. I guess it shows how Live support will be important for future Xbox games. Can''t have it all heh!

I don''t know if these qualify traditional as sports games, I''ve been playing Deathrow and Outlaw Golf on my Xbox. I also have EA''s NCAA Football and think it''s a great title. Plus, being an Oregon fan, it''s got the best. covar. evar!

I love fantasy sports games like Deathrow, Speedball, and good ''ol Cyberball from the Genesis days. I think it''s a sports sub-genre that is woefully under-represented.

Outlaw Golf, despite it''s titilating trappings, is a solid and fun golf game. Picked it up for $20 and think it''s an overlooked title... Probably because of it''s somewhat immature theme.

Outlaw Golf is an awesome game!

Speaking of football, do one have to understand all the strategies and stuff to enjoy a football game? Beeing a Canadian frenchie and all I could talk about Hockey in lengths like Elysium about... anything, but I know zit about football. I mean, I know the basic rules but that''s it. Is there any hope for me?

I picked up NFL 2K1 and have yet to do anything but get chewed out by the announcers for being stupid. So, it seems some level of football knowledge is needed.

On the other hand, Deathrow is great! Reminds me of Bill Laimbeer''s Combat Basketball on SNES.

""Now bring on Winning 11!""

I''m just glad they ported WE6: FE onto GC now, hope it won''t take them too long until it comes out outside Japan. FIFA ''98 was the last FIFA I actually really enjoyed - especially due to the indoor mode (multiplayer fun) which was wasn''t featured in newer versions anymore. Apart from that I always preferred ISS/PES over FIFA ever since the very first installment appeared on SNES.

a Canadian frenchie and all I could talk about Hockey in lengths like Elysium about... anything,

I know there are circumstances under which I could take this in a negative light, but the fact of the matter is it warms my heart. It stems from my great need for attention which Certis constantly chides me over.

As for NHL2k3 settings, I tend to like pretty realistic matches. That''s not to say I was happy with the 1-0 games on the default setting. To put it simply I adjusted the game sliders until I found a setting that allowed for about a 9%-11% shot on goal success rate instead of the 4%-5% of the default. I beefed up the speed burst a notch or two, dropped down the goalies a hair, and upped the passing ability. No drasitc changes, but enough to really keep the game moving.

- Elysium (blabbermouth)

I know there are circumstances under which I could take this in a negative light

Nothing negative there buddy.

NCAA 2003 football is awesome. Just a great game. Deathrow is a great game as well, can''t go wrong with either one.

Mr. Green, there is probably no better way to learn football and the players than by playing it on a console. Especially Madden, because of the training room and Madden tutorials. Hell, this is how we tought my college roommate football. He was always the Ravens, back when the Ravens were like the Bengals. SUPER CRAPPY. We played with the notion about telling him that he might have more success as a better team, but thought it best if he learn the hard way. A few punishing 75 to 13 scores and you think he would learn?!

I''m glad to see my theory was correct. It looks like there were, indeed, some sports games players here. Certis made a good point about the fact that since the new games aren''t much different than the old games, they might not be as newsworthy. I have a feeling that we''re going to see other popular games get similar refreshes yearly. It seems to be a decent way to make money. Is Unreal Tournament going to be the first? The box art of the latest incarnation looks like it was designed to go right in the EA Sports lineup. Final Fantasy is already on pace to slap years on their titles. Of course that might limit them to only one FF title a year! And I''m sure if they could churn them out fast enough, we''d probably see a Gran Tourismo every year, too.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. I meant to just post that it was cool to see people still enjoying the sports games. My best vid memories involve multiplayer NBA Live 95 or Madden [insert year here].

Roll on the next speedball title I say team games with ultraviolence why body check someone when you can smack them down with heavy weaponry .A good evenly matched team game of bombing run in UT2003 is awesome!

Ah..I like where this is going, Sway. Best memories...

- NHL 1993 for Sega (I made Don Sweeney and Cam Neely Hockey Gods!)
- Madden 1993 for Sega, 1995, 1996 Sony (Classic Multiplayer Battles.)
- NBA Live 1994 Sega, 1996 Sony (Classic Multiplayer battles.) Reggie Miller was deadly from beyond the arc.

We used to play NBA Live while drinking beers, ever try hitting a foul shot with Shaq sober? Try while intoxicated, it''s impossible!

Now that more games are online compatible for the Cube and PS2, I''m hoping to relive some of these classic battles.

Ahhh.. Anyone play NHL Hitz last year? that game owned me and my mates for many, many weekends... till I got too good and started beating them all 10/2.. but thats life.. My center Sarge (complete with the army helmet) was the absolute Mastah!

Since that got beaten there has been a little FIFA here and there... I recently played the new one on the ''box at a mates house, is it the same on the ''cube? just wondering..

What else? Kelly Slater''s Pro Surfing was great but too short, I can''t wait for the sequel, Aggressive Inline I bought but still havn''t really scratched the surface of. I think I have been burntout on Tony Hawk 1 & 2.

I''m dribbling so I''ll finish this up, I picked up the new Tiger Woods yesterday and have played about 60 holes on it. Still can''t get the putting quite right, but it''s pretty sweet.

Sports games are console staples. Whenever a new gen comes out, the first thing I do is get all the sports genres covered.


Good topic Sway! kegboy, the mention of speedball brings a tear to my eye that was a great game..

It''s me again, kicking a dead thread. I went ahead and found a copy of NBA2K3 on Friday and have spent pretty much the entire weekend digging into it. Sega has really done an excellent job on separating the wheat from the chaff in a sports sim game. I can''t really do a proper review of the game, because I''m a casual NBA watcher. It wouldn''t be fair to the game''s target audience. But I will mention some of the things I''ve noticed about the game.

First off the bat, load times on the cube are minimal. I don''t know what they''ve been like on the PS2 or XBox lately, but I remember load time nearly killing the console sporting experience on the PSX. I used to turn on the Playstation and go make a sandwich. There was always the danger of being distracted by something and forgetting about the game altogether.

You can play it as shallow or as deep as you like. The game is playable knowing A is for pass and B is for shoot. But your game develops as you work in the other buttons, adding a crossover to your repertoire, or a pump fake to get the defenders out of your face. Calling a pick to get you a clean lane is a satisfying experience. Bring your friends for some happy multiplayer, too. The street basketball mode is great for just learning the controls. It was how I introduced others to the game all weekend. A couple games of 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 and someone completely new to the game was comfortable enough to step into a real game.

The gameplay itself is addictive. It''s so easy to jump into the next game, that it''s got a very high ""one more game"" factor. This is definitely a sim game. Don''t expect a thousand fast breaks with glass-breaking monster jams. You have to learn who shoots comfortably from where on your team. Dunks are often unspectacular and, depending on who is driving to the basket, sometimes nonexistent. And players miss baskets, especially when well guarded. But sim does not mean boring. It is very rewarding as you learn to play smarter ball and your players actually start making their shots. And, of course, the true beauty of sports games is the fact that no two games are the same. You never know what your next game is going to be like and who might step up or go cold.

There are certainly a few frustrations with the game. It can be a real pain to pass to anyone standing right next to you. Often Christian Laettner will pull down a defensive rebound and start walking it back up the court. Not wanting to wait all day, I usually want to give it to Chris Whitney (I know, my roster isn''t updated) who is standing right next to him begging for the ball. In real life, this may be the easiest pass in the history of passing. In the game, this move is fraught with danger. First of all, I don''t know if it was due to a bug or something, but one time this pass went about 40 feet straight up in the air before bouncing out of bounds. The other danger is that I think Christian will make step away from Chris so that he can perform his passing animation. That step is often enough to send him right out of bounds, turning over the ball. It''s enough to drive a grown man to tears.

Like I said, this isn''t trying to be an actual review. I just wanted to present my impressions for anyone else wondering about the game. I seem to remember a story about either EA or Sega pulling upcoming sports games off of the cube. Do any of you remember what the story was? It would be a real shame, but if Nintendo wants me to buy and XBox, I''ll buy an XBox.

Thanks Sway, I''d been curious about NBA 2k3. Good synopsis.

- Elysium