\"Obesity case\" against McDonald's dismissed!


To wit,

"This opinion is guided by the principle that legal consequences should not attach to the consumption of hamburgers and other fast food fare unless consumers are unaware of the dangers of eating such food," Sweet said.

"If consumers know...the potential ill health effect of eating at McDonald's, they cannot blame McDonald's if they, nonetheless, choose to satiate their appetite with a surfeit of supersized McDonald's products."

For once, the common sense prevailed in the court.

I''d agree that nobody should be compensated for eating fast food and getting fat. This set a very good precedent. However, I was secretly hoping something might come of the suit that would cause fast food restaurants to offer some healthier alternatives. The biggest frustration I have is that processed unhealthy food can be made, and subsequently offered, for so cheap. It''s hard to pay for a $6 chicken sandwich when you can get a whole meal, and supersize it, for $4. I know I''ve been a victim of that distinction on several occasions. All in all, though, I''d have to say I support the judges decision.

I''m pretty much against the main fast food idealism because I think it''s quite unhealthy. I like to try to find alternatives to stopping at a drive thru window, such as getting a pita (at least they''re fresh) going to a deli for lunch and getting salad, etc etc.

I don''t think I''d change my ways even if the fast food chains started offering ""healthy"" food. As fas as I''m concerned, nothing coming from these places can be good for you (because of preperation, environment, etc).

There are always alternatives to eating fast food, and I don''t think someone should be compensated for their ignorance when eating such food. You should know full well what kind of food you''re putting in your body, but some people are too ignorant, or too lazy to even bother taking a quick look at their choice of food.

I beleive most of these companies even have Nutrition pamphlets that include the breakdown (Fat, Carbs, Protein, etc) of their menu items.

Imagine the possibilities if they lost! shortly Mcdonalds would have to put a surgeon generals warning on their burgers just like cigarettes "" Danger eating Mcdonalds may Kill!"" But hey, people still smoke!

I''m thinking that the lawyers and ''expert'' witnesses in this case must have been Lionel Hutz and Dr. Nick Riviera.

Damn, I figured if this went through I could sue Alsakan Brewing Co.for giving me a beer gut.

"Drunkagain" wrote:

Damn, I figured if this went through I could sue Alsakan Brewing Co.for giving me a beer gut.

I was going to sue chair makers for making their product so comfortable I spend all day sitting down, thus making me overweight.