Weekend Updating Policy

In case you're wondering where all the new front page news is, I thought I'd make it clear that we're certainly keeping an eye open for anything really interesting, but by and large there won't be much news updating over the weekends. It's just Certis and I here, and neither of us wants to get burned out. Besides the 5-day workweek motif fits the theme of the site. Fear not, we'll be hard back to work on Monday with fresh resolve, and fresh breath!

- Elysium

Lazy Bastards!

Bah first hand experience tells me that weekends are dead for news anyways. Its always trying to find even the smallest scrap for posting on EA on the weekends.

OT: Is the EA server down or something? I haven''t been able to get the site working for 2 straight days now. This coincides with problems I have already had for weeks but it seems getting worse and worse.

I''ve been having a lot of problems getting on to Evil Avatar''s site lately too. As you said the last two days have been almost impossible. One of the few times I did get on it loaded a page from the 10th of the month! Had me confused as hell, lol!

I notice Evil has posted about the problem this morning. Check it out ... if you can.

- Elysium

Well, Avault.com and a lot of other sites don''t do anything on the weekend because there isn''t a heck of a lot going on. So I''m not worried.

If you need any newsies, let me know. I''m not great, but at least I''m creative.


This Just In!

I''m bored.

"cuebert" wrote:

I''m bored. :)

Hi bored, I''m Rat Boy