Lord of the G-Strings

While I was collecting the DVD releases for this week I saw an ad for this upcoming gem, of the G-Strings: Femaleship of the Strings

In this erotic spoof of the Peter Jackson epic, three diminutive yet delectable female Throbbits face danger and sensual adventure in their quest to destroy the legendary and all-powerful G-String.

My god, who do they pay to come up with this stuff? Wait... will any of the women have elf ears? Mmmmmm... elf ears.

It sounds like this could have a very in depth and interesting story/plot and could be a very good movie.

I bet the casting was difficult for such an epic story. You have to make sure that your stars are well developed as actresses, and to cast a main villain you really need someone who knows what they''re doing

My god, who do they pay to come up with this stuff?

People who like midget sex.

And if there''s anything resembling the Frodo-Sam relationship in the movie, lots and lots of lesbian midget sex.

The suits at New Line will flip over this.


Oh, wait we''re mocking it? Oh, I see. Well met! Utter tripe, an embarassment to the species. Misty Mundae hasn''t done a good DVD since Misty Mundae, Mummy Raider. She''s just not the quality actress she once was.

- Elysium

Well, there are porn spoofs of everything. Shaving Ryan''s Privates, Tits A Wonderful Life, Romancing the Bone, Porn on the Fourth of July, and the classic Star Whores.

I doubt Pete or whoever will bother suing.

But you''re forgetting some of the other classics, Mex.

Poop Dreams
Titty Slickers
The Bare Wench Project
Ed Wood
Edward Penishands
The Firm

Just to name a few.

Edward Penishands!

I laughed, I cried, I had to use kleenex.

Blanche Neige et les sept mains.

Ok enough now!