Three More Years of The Simpsons

In case you're not obsessively refreshing our front page (like you're supposed to!), here's a story with news that the Simpsons have been picked up through 2005. Now, I love the Simpsons as much as the next guy, but I can't help but wonder if the quality is diminishing over time. It's the classic Television quality bell curve, a series hits its stride around the third season, sustains that for four, five, maybe six seasons if they're lucky, and then it just falls apart. So does this news excite you, or just make you worry that the show will just degrade and finally be cancelled with its tail tucked between its legs?

- Elysium

I still think it''s funny. Maybe not as good as the golden age of season 4, but still funny.


Still one of the funniest shows on TV, funnier than most comedy producers can even dream about, though not as funny as it used to be. I agree with Elysium in the hope that the show doesn''t just degrade and become unfunny and get cancelled. I want to see it go out with a bang! As homer says

Good things does not end with ""ium"". They end with ""mania"" or ""teria"".""

Please don''t let in end in tedium!

...hope that the show doesn''t just degrade and become unfunny...

I''m sure I''m not the only one who hears plenty of murmuring suggesting that this has already happened. I still like the show, and watch it whenever I can (which doesn''t turn out to be too often anymore, which may be why I still think it''s a good program)

If you wish the Simpsons cancelled, then turn your TV off and pretend. Just let the rest of us watch in peace.

Simpsons is great, and to me they haven''t gotten old yet (been watchin since they got their own show).

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Extra Points: Can you tell me the episode?

Still about the only show I try to make a point of watching. Someday I will have them all on dvd!

Well, I don''t think its quite as funny. But I don''t think all television shows fall to it. Hell, I think South Park gets funnier every episode, although it almost hit its peak with ""Scott Tenderman(however you spell his last name) must die.

Do you know where my sig came from?

Don''t know the episode name but its the episode where Bart has a crush on Mcbains daughter.

The show is still great. The show has more of a ""hit and miss"" compared to the older seasons.

GJ Kegboy! I was looking for a name in particular (I don''t it either) but the general story is good.

Good one, people tend to have a problem with the couple lines in my sig!

whether or not the simpsons is as good as it used to be, i would be shocked to find out i was never going to see a new episode ever again.

Simpsons is tired and old. I''d kill for more Family Guy, however.