So, instead of just abusing the Review system in place on the site, are there some rules, or maybe an FAQ somewhere (or coming soon) that we should abide by?

And are reviews welcome from everyone? Subjects? I'm sure you don't want a review on how good my cup of Timmy Ho's (Tim Hortons) coffee is. Or you do.. hmmm...

Funny you should mentions Tim Hortons, they''re one of my major clients

As for reviews, I forgot to yank that link. We may take submissions and stuff some day but I want to make sure everything is up to snuff first and we have a proper system for it.

Edited: Actually we are going to set up some ground rules, and get the site on its feet before we start actively accepting submissions. Sorry if I confused anyone with the post that used to be here. Wires were crossed.

- Elysium

Heh, cool. I''m glad I brought it up then.

Tim Horton''s coffee is good stuff!

Dam though for not having Interac. Or maybe I should thank them. I would eat to many pies if they did.