Bush to announce Project Prometheus: All your mars base are

Cool. I really support NASA and this could be a good thing for Bush politicaly. This would give something Americans to root and hollar about.

Plus we can say: All your mars base are belong to us.

So now we are going to have mars bases, cool. But where in gods name are those flying cars? I want one!

Really exciting. I''ve been dying to see a focused and revitalized space program again.

- Elysium

Maybe they spotted some rock oil there. *badum*

I can foresee the Democrats stonewalling this left and right because a.) they''ll insist that the money needed to do it must be used to help the economy and 2.) they don''t want Dubya being mentioned in the same breath as JFK when it comes to ""Presidents who best spurred on humanity''s exploration of space."" That would really burn their shorts.

I don''t know if I''d be willing to be involved with a project called ""Prometheus""...what with things not going too well for him...with the birds and such...

Project ""Hindenberg-Donner-Party-Titanic-Bonaparte"", now THERE''s a project you can feel secure in.