NHL 2K3 and Xbox Live

Maybe someone here can help me. Ever since Certis challenged me to XBox Live games of the outstanding NHL 2K3, I've been increasingly interested in finally getting my XBox hooked up. My problem is that my cable modem is hooked to my computer upstairs and my XBox is downstairs. Assuming the wife is not interested in having cords snake from one floor to another (and certainly no holes drilled through ceiling or carpet), what are my options. Can I simply unplug my modem and haul it up or downstairs or does the cable outlet downstairs need to be altered in some way? Is there a good wireless router that I can use?

I know you guys will help me? If you don't I will slander you on the front page! This is the threat I hold over you.

- Elysium


Well.. not being able to setup a small config for a tiny LAN in your home kinda sucks, you can try wireless (I''ve never used it, and make no garauntee to it''s quality).

As for moving the modem downstairs, I''m not sure as to how your ISP/Provider sets things up, but here, I can jack my cable modem into and coax outlet in the house.

Take a good look around and see if there''s a way to string a network cable downstairs. You could try to string it down the cable line from the computer room to the rec room where the xbox is. No new holes in the wall!).

I''d personally wire the place with a network jack in the 2-3 rooms I may need to plug into. But I''m a junky for that stuff.

My buddy is in a similiar fix. He dosen''t want to spend money on wireless and his wife absolutely will not let him have wires snaked from the basement where the pc is to the mainfloor living room. The only thing I could think of was to suggest getting a 50'' cable and just run it while playing games. Pain in the ass, but it''s worked for him.

I just completed our LAN setup a month ago, is it impossible to wire through the walls in North American homes or something? We''ve got tubes for everything here in Europe, cable-tv wires, power, utp etc.

I can''t recommend a wireless setup enough. I have a linksys wireless router. I have a usb wireless card on my fiances computer, and an rj45 connection on mine. My xbox is connected to the router by way of a wireless ethernet bridge. the three things are in different rooms, but no wires anywhere and the speed is just as good as being hardwired, even over the usb (granted, my fiance doesn''t download a lot of stuff, so I never really tested the throughput on the usb connection).

You can get some cheapish wireless netgear routers now that new models are coming out. You can set the router and the cable modem up by your TV and get a wireless network card for your PC. It will be a bit more expensive than sneaking a long cable under the carpet and drilling some invisible holes under said carpet but it''s a neat solution.

Wireless is not a viable solution. Its ok for simple web browsing, but for the bandwidth heavy games of XBox live, your signal won''t be good enough.

Simply, you will lag like no tommorrow.

So, you can lug your modem around assuming you have a cable jack near your xbox and just plug the modem directly into the xbox, then lug it back upstairs when you want to use it on the PC. Or you can of course run cords throughout the house. Or if you have lots of money, get a second cable modem.

I am running my xbox and my pc wireless, and have yet to run into any laginess whatsoever. Speaking from experience I would have to say that your comment does not apply to my situation at all. If you are having issues with laginess, you might want to check your setup.

I setup wireless at my parents'' house. It was really slow until I discovered the security settings in the hub. Turning off all that stuff really helped the speed.

Most of the wireless hubs have wired ports as well, so at least one computer will have a wired connection. You could choose to make that your Xbox.

To give a further example, through the wireless ethernet bridge, I can download at my top dsl rated speed and not encounter any problems. That being said, i would not do that while using xbox live, as the bandwidth would be consumed by my pc.