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Yes, GameStop still has the checkout policy, which is really cool except around Christmas/inventory.

As for favorite system, my personal favorite is the PS2. I think they have the best selection and most comprehensive library for a variety of tastes... Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, etc. PS2 also gets everything first.

GameCube, however, has the most bang for its buck in my opinion. For $150 you get a machine that can play Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Starfox, Sonic, etc... really a platformer''s dream machine.

The PS2 is a better platforming machine than the GC IMO, you can get Ratchet&Clank, Sly Cooper and a whole other bunch of games.

I was a devout PS2 guy, but having acquired a Game Cube..I gotta tell''s pretty damn good. Now if Nintendo can get their act together with some online freaking games!!!!

Still like the PS2 a lot, it''s hard not to since it''s been so good to me, but if you have the ability/option to get a Cube, I''d highly reccomend it, IMHO.

Unemployed Character Artist...does this mean I can''t be a part of this website?

It just means you receive extra abuse when you reach Intern status, and you get cleaning duty on Wednesdays after Certis'' ""morning constitutionals"".

- Elysium

So what will happen with us when we pass intern-status?

Well, once you finally move past being an Intern Elysium will usually take you away for a weekend to ""test your loyalty"" at a remote cabin in the woods.

Most people who return walk a little funny but the promotion is worth it... for Elysium.


Oh it''s no use I''m a glutton for punishment


Well I guess we can only hope for Elysium to open up the dungeon then since your gluttoning will minimaly require some very elaborate pain-inflicting tools

What the hell? It took me a minute this was an old thread. sadly, my situation right now is back to being the same as it was in my post on the first page. Just another out of work tech guy.

I myself am a nuclear test engineer. I have been on the actual job for about two weeks now, after having spent the last year or so in school/certification for the job (granted there was a lot of schooling/training before I got to this point, but that''s an entirely different story) Luckily enough for me, I have within the past month have gotten my government certification for this, having passed an 8 hour written exam, which was 72 pages in essay form, which I DON''T recommend to anyone, not even my worst enemies, and then a formal oral board qualification). Before I started down this path, I spent 3 years in the IT field as a network engineer, but due to bad timing (the dot com bust among others) did not find a lot of job security there. I''m very happy to have found a job with a lot of job security now. So, at any rate, I find myself doing a LOT of OJT at the moment, as schooling doesn''t always prepare you for the day to day stuff. Hopefully, I will still find enough time to enjoy the upcoming Halo 2 release!

I work quality control for Apple computers (gasp). I basically get to tell people all day long what they are doing wrong. It''s a giant ego trip.

That being said I still think apples are mid level computer with the best OS. Being sold at premium prices... someday they may get it right.

Whats with all the computer people in this

I have to rely on CEJ for my computer knowledge...for mine is SADLY lacking...but I can play a game like the best of them.

Been in the Air Force for about 15 years now, and 24 countries. Civil Engineering career field - beddown and airfields and infrastructure...had 175 working for me in staff here in Canada...sigh...I miss the field...

Summation of my career field -- Road and Commodes (and everything in between...except for comm/computers!!

"Pigpen" wrote:

Summation of my career field -- Road and Commodes (and everything in between...except for comm/computers!!

I do the Comm/computers. Been in the Air Force for 10 years now stationed with the Army in Arizona.

My only tie in with computers is that I sit at one for 12hours at a time...and get paid for it. I work in the operations center for a security company here in town. 4 monitors above my head, 2 in front of me, with radioes and telephones being talked to all at the same time. Ahhh, sweet, sweet chaos. And all is well in my little part of the world.

For two whole weeks now, I''m studying Applied Media Sciences at the Technical University of Ilmenau, which not even the Germans among you will know, but it''s considered the best adress for this.
Before that, I did my social service at a psychatry.

I''m a bottom-rung techie phone monkey, working to shift over to a career in the medical field after a few years of soul-searching and thinking about what I really want to do with my life.

Part of me still thinks that my calling is actually to teach, but since current events have made the education system even more restrictive and red-tape-ridden than it was when that originally turned me off to the vocation, I have a feeling it won''t be happening. At least, not in an official capacity. Once I''m in a more stable place in my life I imagine I''ll lend my talents to something like the Sylvan Learning Center to help tutor kids who are having trouble in school. At least then I can help without the bureaucratic headaches.

I''m an Event Coordinator with the University of Minnesota Duluth. I supervise a team of student employees on various internal (typically varsity athletics) and external renter events. Our usual external renters are people just looking to rent out and use our facility but we occasionally get some big ones. Recent notables include the Black Eyed Peas and Taking Back Sunday.

I''m an Area Manager for a healthcare company. It''s a tolerable cross between consulting and sales.

BUT, it pays very well.

Transactional attorney. Pays the bills.

Rocket scientist. I work on the flight software for various spacecraft for JPL and NASA. Currently working on the SPitzer Space Telescope... might be doing some work on Mars Recon Orbitor soon. Believe me it sounds a lot cooler than it is.

oh abd Reaper... I went to the U of M so Gooooooooo Gophers!

Goodness, how middle-class can a forum be!
Not one mechanic, factory worker, coal miner or ship welder amongst us. Anyone work 6 months on an oil rig here? Meh!

Well I''m currently a post-grad law student too, though mercifully without the 10 years of terror Eightball has put himself through.
Current dream job, working for the Crown Prosecution Service as a criminal solicitor.

I think I''ll have to work up from police station representative first though, e-gads... 2am wake up calls yet to come.

"Certis" wrote:

Well, once you finally move past being an Intern Elysium will usually take you away for a weekend to ""test your loyalty"" at a remote cabin in the woods.

Most people who return walk a little funny but the promotion is worth it... for Elysium.

Its not so bad if you just give in and put the lotion on your skin.

Gophers? Pfffttt... your Gophers can go fish, for all I care!


I''m a cop.

In 2 years, 10 months, 2 weeks and 1 day I get a chance to start an entirely new career path if I want to. I''ll be 42. I hope to get into an entirely new line of work if I can, but the kids will be starting college about then. I definately going to start looking at that time. I have a buddy in an Insurance company special investigations unit who said he''ll try to get me in. Part of me just wants to work at at an EB or CompUsa. Not working at one I know more than the freakin'' employees!

This is for Reaper...
anyone else move along....

Minnesota, Hats off to thee!
To thy colors, true we shall ever be,
Firm and strong, united are we.
Rah! Rah! Rah! for Ski-U-Mah,
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah for the U of M.

M - I - N - N - E - S - O - T - A!
Yeaaaaaaah Gophers!

--- Can''t wait to see the goph''s play DU in hockey. I may go see UMD too don''t you know!

Another lawyer.