Jobs of Gamers


I'm glad to see I'm not the only gamer with a job Nothing like reading about the game you've been waiting for that came out today and all you can do is read about it on the web and wait.

What sort of jobs do (you) gamers have?

I'm a LAN Analyst for a cable company in New York. The reason I have this job is because of games. My first real job was for a gaming company - if you dialed the number on the back of the box I would answer the phone.. I had to quit that job after eight months of torture. Nothing like trying to help people with crappy computers run crappy games from all over the country.

Well, I write & maintain applications for a large motorhome manufacturer. Used to be mainly Java, Javascript, & ASP. Now, we''re migrating over to .NET. I get to work with SQL quite a bit, as well.

I used to do telephone tech support for a certain company that sells anti-virus & utility software. Man, I hated that job. Lot''s of good perks, but we were abuse sponges most of the time. I have so much empathy for anyone on the other side of the phone now.

I''m a Game Designer.


I, incredibly enough, write CGI scripts in perl, for the moment. I''m also a crappy artist, and hope to get good enough to work in the games industry.

Whoops, move to ""Everything Else"" although it was a close one

My business card says ''Research Technologist - Artificial Intelligence''. So that''s what I do, apparently.

I''m a web applications developer by title. I''m just out of college, and I spend most of my time fixing spaghetti code, and dealing with SQL Server DB that has no primary keys, nor any foreign key constraints.

Who wants to talk about data integrity and orphaned records?

My title is Network Manager. I am responsible for everything related to Telecom, networking, IT purchasing; etc... It is a great job with lots of technologies mixed together.

Corporate sell-out for a telco.

Even worse, I''m MANAGEMENT.

And to compound the problem, I''m in IT strategy.

It makes me very popular at parties.

I am an applications analyst. I support a material management software for a large health company. Pretty bland I know

I''m a student. A professional student.
6 years of college *2 undergrads*
4 years of Dental school *Call me Dr. Eightball in May!!*
3 years of Law School *starting in August*.

Don''t bother asking about the loans, either *Vomit*.

But, it sure beats workin''!

Column A:
Game Designer

Column B:
Audio / Video Production for trade shows (E3 and the like)
Event Planning and Management

A little from column A and a little from column B, shaken and stirred, and that''s what I do for a living.

I''ve spent the last 12+ years in entertainment software, before that I was in radio...

Ever zone out during a song while you were driving and notice when the song ends that you don''t know where you are or how you got there? So far that phenomenon explains my career.

I left college with my shiny new B.A. in Art in 1997. Now I look around my desk and I have network diagrams and firewall policies and UNIX in a Nutshell and troubleshooting guides scattered about. Somehow, through a series of coincidences, dot-commage, and organizational reorginization, I''ve become a client technical lead for an application service provider. Please don''t tell anyone, but I was pretty much Mac exclusive up until 1998. I didn''t even know what a video card was until about a year after that. Clearly I was launched into the river of life without a map or paddle.

Hey Sway, Hows the new home doing?

I work in a national newspaper as a LAN anlyst/general I.T. dogsbody our motto is; You break it we fix it! and as the vast majority of users use Macs that''s pretty damn frequently!

My other job is supporting my girlfriend through college so as in my doddering old age she can support me through her well paid job creating all sorts of biochemical wonders!

Heh. I knew it was you, Eightball. Nobody else I know has had an educational adventure like that. I didn''t give you a shout out because I thought maybe you were trying to remain incognito with the new handle.

I know there were a few in the DAOC group who had just bought or were in the process of buying houses. Perhaps I could start

Hot Chick: So, what do you *do*?

Me: A couple more drinks and who knows! (gets dirty look) ok well seriously, I am a Network Engineer....

Hot Chick: (looks at me confused) um, what?

Me: (realizes what a geeky job title that is) Ok, how about I make the computers talk!

Hot Chick: The computers talk? Like those star wars movies when the ship talks to the bald guy?

Me: Um, that is Star Trek, (OMG, did I just say that?) but, um no.

Hot Chick: Um.... ( while looking around the room to see how fast she can go find someone else)

Me: well, I, um (think brain, think) Oh! The internet, I do internet and email....

Hot Chick: Oh! I love to chat on my AOL.. Can you come fix my computer? The internet is slow....

Me: um yeah sure... (while realizing I just became her geeky tech support ""friend"" that only gets a call when her computer is broke..) what is your number?

Hot Chick: ok great! Oh their is James! talk to you later... (walks off)

Me: but um, wait, oh damit.

Well, right now I''m uh, ""between employers"", but I''m pretty much a tech. support monkey. Been doing deskside support for several years now, and helpdesk before that.

I know there were a few in the DAOC group who had just bought or were in the process of buying houses.

Yup, just moved in to my new house last July. Maybe we shouldn''t have been Ava Tarati. Maybe Old Guys With Mortgages, instead?

I''d have still danced on your grave!

- Elysium

I''m currently an analyst/programmer in a nuclear powerplant in Quebec, Canada and loving it. I started programming with I was 12 and I still enjoy it just as much almost 20 years later. I like to think that I''m very lucky to be able to pay the bills doing something I really like.

I''m also a wannabe game developer and was the lead programmer on the Alliance Quake 3 mod. I''ve also made a few levels for this mod as well as the Quake 2 mod LMCTF. I''m currently working with a buddy on a map pack for Soldier of Fortune 2.

I''m a college student majoring in Economics and work for IGN.

I''m a Frozen Manager for Smith''s (A KROGER company), although I tend to think of myself as a glorified bitch.

But I get payed damn good, so I can''t complain, until I finish school and get one of my many ""dream"" jobs.

"Picard" wrote:

I''m a Frozen Manager for Smith''s (A KROGER company), although I tend to think of myself as a glorified bitch.

But I get payed damn good, so I can''t complain, until I finish school and get one of my many ""dream"" jobs.

If I don''t get my ""dream"" job (game development) I''m going to the Navy''s OCS to become an officer. So any developers reading this, hire me!

The EXCITING part of what I do is really what I DID. I worked in the video game industry as an artist until mid last year. NOw I am a teacher at the academy of art college in San Francisco.


When working..I''m a Product Manager for ASP, MSP type companies that provide web based-services/appplications.

Currently, I''m in between start-ups here in the great city of Austin and my new job of Father is rapidly approaching in 5 months.


I''m an Applications Software Engineer for an electronics company. Usually what that amounts to is writting very similar .asp applications for use on our company intranet, that turn into feature creep ridden programming nightmares that take months to finish. Fortunately I do get to write the ocassional interesting C or VB application as well.

You know, there seems to be awful lot of game industry types here. Sadly, I''m not one of them. I want a game job to! Just because I have no artistic abilities to speak of and my only programming experience was with Applebasic on a //e doesn''t mean I can''t make games. Oh wait, yes it does. Sigh.

I am a steel mill worker

"hg321" wrote:

I am a steel mill worker

Well, somebody has to do it. You have my thanks.

""game"" programmer for Lasershot.
Just a way to kill time till I get my CS degree.