Record Industry Cash Settlement or Give Me My $20!

Not necessarily front page news, but I found this link which reports that a class action suit against the recording industry for price fixing was recently successful, and essentially no one is stepping up to take the money. It appears if you bought a CD between 1995 and 2000, then you're eligible for a small share of the settlement. I'm not really endorsing the idea of jumping on board this thing, but I find it surprising how little press it's gotten. I think the fact alone that the recording industry lost a large sum case for fixing prices might be trumpeted a bit more often? Maybe I just have a short memory.

- Elysium


Nothing angers me quite like this brand of bullsh*t.

As if a person can be wronged when they freely purchase something and get what they expected.

I guess people just don''t think that it''s worth the effort to get twenty bucks. Entangle yourself in some swampy legal mess with consequences you can''t possibly hope to fathom for a measly $20?

Survey says no.

It''s almost exactly how I perceived it Hooch (can I call you hooch? It just has a good ring. Yo Hooch! Or sup foool ... um hooch). But beyond that I think oneXone might be on to something. The question is with such a small settlement per person, people really begin to question whether they''ve actually been wronged. I gurantee you, that if you''d felt you''d been wronged by the RIAA, then you''d take that $20 on principal.

On the other hand if it could be as much as $1,000 per settlement with the likelihood being that you''d just get $20 then folks would be all over it. It would be a lottery ticket, a chance to justify taking some money from people with lots of money, and probably not an issue of whether there was wrongful action. It raises the question of why people take other people to court. Is it principal, or is it just a hedging your bet that a company would rather give you a cash settlement than deal with you legally? I imagine there are a lot of people who sue, simply because they can.

- Elysium