What is your avatar and why did you choose it?

Just curious what everyone is using for an Avatar and why they chose it.

Mine is the purple tentacle, the villain of Lucasart's Day of the Tentacle. I chose it due to my undying fanboyism towards everything Tim Schafer does and of course he was a hilarious character.

Just in case though. My avatar is Raistlin from the Chronicles and Legends trilogies by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman.

One of my most favorite characters of any books I have read.

Mine should seem fairly obvious

Mine is Ninjai from Little Ninjai.

He kicks some serious ass.

Mine should seem fairly obvious

Certis, is this Ninjai thing some kind of web-only deal?

Just watched the trailer and it kicks arse. I''m going to have to watch all 10 chapters now. So much for going to bed

Hey, didn''t I post that at 6am?


I created my avatar myself. This is of course just a cut and cropped version of the full logo, but you get the picture. I chose it as it fits my nick fairly well.

I selected mine becuase he looked the fuzziest of the lot. Not sure what a FuzzyCuddleWumpus should look like though... feel free to send me suggestions... *imagines what kinds of images folks might send* ... on second thought, I''d better stick with the bear.

Smash TV is one of my favorite games of all time. I really got into it in the arcade and on my SNES back in the day. I still love it. One day I will buy one of the remaining arcade machines and put it in the garage or somewhere.

I believe it was AOL that required me to make my first screen name over 10 years ago. I decided on SmashX1 as a tribute to the game I love. I decided to keep it over the years for any online usage so people would know it is me.

The wife created mine. While I''m at it I should point out that my wife also put together our fine logo, including the ever happy, controller dreaming, Stan whom you see smiling at you to the top left. Determined to have a Stan like avatar of my own I convinced her to take 15 minutes and play around in Photoshop to create an equally happy, though significantly more bearded, Elysium.

Perhaps I am Stan''s evil brother?


Mine''s BunBun... now available in Avatar selection (because my link offsite wouldn''t stick, it was added to the gallery).

YAY! ^_^

Well, originally mine was a cropped image of the tattoo on my back - a circle of elvish writing within a frame of stylized lines that says ""My silence will not save me."" However, in the interests of never again hearing someone compare the design I worked over for a year to ""a certain female anatomy,"" I changed my avatar to this friendly little guy.

I may change it again. I''m not a slave to the status quo.

Being someone with interests in different tattoo''s, I wouldn''t mind seeing it your tattoo hoochie. I currently have 2 (until the summer when I get more ink done). One is the imperial symbol from Star Wars (on the outside of my left calf) and another design on my right forearm (further up the arm towards the wrist, which I designed.. kinda like black bands with some extra work on the inside of the arm)

mines just a picture of my face with ""who da man"" on it.

Megaman was my introduction to the world of the NES. Before Megaman I had only played C64 games. I cropped the image from the wallpaper I used to use. It''s a wicked wallpaper, though looking through my files I can''t find it anymore. DOH!

Mine''s the title screen from Phantasy Star, which was the first RPG I played, and the first video game to hold my unwavering interest even longer than the arcade-style games that preceded it (namely Yar''s Revenge, and Missile Command among others).

Both my tattoos can be seen here: http://www.artists-in-residence.net/...

At some point I may go back to the chair. It''s addictive, isn''t it? There''s something almost mystical about it...

Very cool. I''d show you pics of my 2, but I don''t have them on the web anywhere (which I may just have to do).

How''d the tat''s on your foot feel? I was curious as to how it would feel on the top of the foot.. so close to bone.

The one on my calf was awesome (couldn''t feel it), but the one on my forearm killed me in the first 10 minutes, then after a small break, it was fine (reminiscent of the tattoo on my calf).

Oh yeah, I very much like the elvish script tattoo on your back. I had thought that the elvish script would be cool in a tattoo.

Do I really have to explain?

Although the girl in the Tommy halter top was interesting, I ultimately had to be true to my self.

Mine is me! done in photoshop.

Mine is a nice little animated Apache helicopter.

Spiff! ''nuff said

Mine is a character drawn by Travis Charest... not really sure what character it''s suppossed to be gut a female with claws and razors everywhere, drawn by Charest, can''t go wrong with that.

With another kid (a boy) due any day now, this just seemed appropriate.

Is there anything better than Guinness? At least anything better thats frothy and served in a pub?

I don''t think so.

Question answered.

"hoochie" wrote:

in the interests of never again hearing someone compare the design I worked over for a year to ""a certain female anatomy,"" I changed my avatar to this friendly little guy.

Oops.. didn''t mean to offend.. It was that cuz the icon was too small to really see. Really! Ok, I might have Freudian issues that need to be resolved. =\\

I like beer, enough said

Dr. Doom, the greatest comic book villain of all time (mmmm...geeky).