Games you can't keep even though they are good

I have Time Splitters 2 and Contra for the PS2. I think overall these are both excellent games for the most part.

I love TS2, but it makes me ill. I have never experienced the dizziness and nausea I am getting from TS2 before. I am 30 years old and have been a gamer since the NES came out. I even bought the set that included R.O.B. Anyway I would like to play through it, but I can't I will eventually have seizures and choke on my own vomit. So I have to get rid of it.

Contra. It is too hard to get anywhere and I am not a kid who can sit and play the game for hours on end to get past it. I have to get rid of it.

Smash,on the topic of Contra, I know precisely what you''re talking about. There are just some games that make me want to weep from frustration, and then I watch some six year old stand at the endcap system in the Software Etc. and whip through the exact boss that kept thwarting me as if his hands were born with the innate knowledge of how to execute that monster. Somewhere along the line, my ability to slip seemlessly from the X button up to the Triangle button degrade, and my damn fingers keep slipping off the jump button.

I''ve never experienced anything like vertigo from a game, but I''m sure that happy surprise is lying in wait behind the bushes for me. There are some nights, where I just have to admit to my wife that I''m not as hardcore a gamer as I used to be. She seems oddly at peace with that.

- Elysium


Good to see I''m not the only one with that problem! I could barely play two hours of unreal Tournament. But when UT 2003 came out, I feel that I get sick after 15 minutes. It''s so fast, and so flashy! I''m 26 now. Started playing games at the age of 12. You should think I would manage it,- but I can''t handle it the same way I used to. Strategy, and slow games are more for me... But when somebody challenges me for some fighting games, I can''t say no!
But hey,- it''s a good thing too! That way, I get an excuse to work out more... Need to take care of that ageing shell!

I love LOTR: Two Towers for XBox but it is so short that I have to give it to a friend I guess. It was a great ride while it lasted but I still struggle with needing replaybility and over 5 hours of gameplay.

So, on that note, I am really looking forward to Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox next month. I hope it gives me at least 30 to 40 hours of gameplay. Anyone else looking at that title?

I''m borrowing a copy of Time Splitters 2 and am also having problems with it. I don''t get nauseous... but feel really awkward with the controls.

A great game that I keep going back to but never seem to finish: Jagged Alliance 2. Great game and a lot of fun... but I always manage get my mercenaries hopelessly riddled with bullets. It might be me being too impatient. But lately, I''ve been obsessed with the ""right"" way to progress thru a game.

Lately, I''ve found myself constantly reloading NOLF2 missions so I can progress thru the game using a stealth approach. Ooops... someone spotted me and has sound the alarm... RELOAD. Ooops... had to use the AK47 on the gaurd when I wanted to use the stun gun.... RELOAD. It doesn''t matter that I could go guns-a-blazing and easily gun the swarming goons down and then move on... that''s not how I wanted it to go!

I think I need help.

>>I am really looking forward to Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox next month.<<

Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.

I''ve had my eye on that title for a long time.
- Elysium

Do you think it will make the 2/24 ship date Elysium? What is your gut feeling?

I can''t wait for KOTOR next month either. I realy hope they can create an rpg og BG2 quality for the SW universe. This will be a blind purchase for me, so I hope I''m not let down.

Gut feeling is: mildly nauseous.

Which is to say, I''d be pleasantly surprised if it made it.

- Elysium

Splinter Cell

Its not really any nauseating experience or something but it just inclines me to THROWING THE GOD DAMN CONTROLLER THROUGH THE SCREEN AND TEARING MY HAIR OUT

I guess I''m not much of a hardcore console gamer when I can''t even cope with the mild discomforts in an excellent game.

"Koesj" wrote:

:oops: Splinter Cell

Its not really any nauseating experience or something but it just inclines me to THROWING THE GOD DAMN CONTROLLER THROUGH THE SCREEN AND TEARING MY HAIR OUT

I guess I''m not much of a hardcore console gamer when I can''t even cope with the mild discomforts in an excellent game.

Hahah I know what you mean, I ended-up trading that one away. It''s not that there was anything wrong with it, I just hate track adventure games. I was hoping for something more open ended like Hit Man 2. I hate that feeling of having to only do things one way. I also detest jumping games and not being able to save anywhere, replaying the same section of a game over and over again makes me nauseous it also makes me think unkind things about the development team or not *gasp* making a branching story for success or failure. If you like that type of game play splinter cell is definitely serious achievement in quality IMO.

Recntly went back to some REALLY old PC games namely Xcom 1&2 (try getting these to run easily on any new Win2000 or XP machine!) Great, great games but after the likes of UT2003 etc, the graphics Suck big time! Please please let them do a Really good job on the next X-com game!

TimeSplitters 2 - Good looking game and it SHOULD be fun but the controls just drive me up the wall.

Sim City 4. The game is beautiful and a lot of fun, but it just chugs once you get a large city going. Zooming also slows the framerate to a crawl.

I''ll probably try it again when I upgrade or buy a new machine.

What specs does your PC have?

P4 1.7
GeForce 3
256 Megs of Ram
7200 RPM hard drive

I found the controls on Timesplitters 2 to be perfect once I''d set them to the B type control, inverted the stick axis and turned auto-level off. However all my friends keep complaining that it''s too hard etc etc.

I guess some people find it hard moving from mouse/keyboard to the pad. Understandable I suppose.

Iam glad to see that I wasnt the only one to get frustrated by Splinter Cell. I loved the game, but I just go so damn frustrated by it I stoped playing it. I guess I will eventually go back and beat it at some point.

Animal Crossing. I''m bored with the game now it''s just repeating the samethings I''ve been doing for months. It''s a good game but just not much too it.

The next big game I want is Skies of Arcadia: Legends. It''s the best DC RPG and kicks the tail of most Japanese RPG. I really want KOTOR to be great but I''m worried. If they have barrels, creates, and boxes for me to bash I''ll return the game.

KOTOR - wanting that game to be as good as the idea sounds.

As for boxes and crap? They are really starting to drive me nuts. I am playing Ultima IX at the moment, and half the game is just smashing up boxes looking for stuff, 90% of the time the boxes are empty so you are just wasting your time.

Interesting topic. Sorry I missed it when it was originally active. I had the nausea thing happen with Tribes for me. I had already probably been playing it for 8 months, too. That was the weird part. For a while I couldn''t handle any FPS. The camera swinging all over the place was just making me dizzy. Dropping the mouse sensitivity doesn''t do much to fix it either. You can only move so slow in those games before someone shoots you. Luckily I didn''t have to get rid of it. I went on hiatus and felt better a few months later when I returned.

Here''s another one for you: I had to give up Deus Ex. I''m sorry to all of you who I''m sure that offended. This wasn''t even during the dizzy times. I think this is more like the Splinter Cell problems people were having. I went through the whole tutorial and moved on to the first level by the Statue of Liberty I think. Sneaking and creeping and peering into the darkness, I finally got close to the action. I start shooting and promptly die. I''m sure it''s the whole stealth genre I have problems with. I recall uninstalling one of the Thief series pretty damn fast, too. Scratch that. I think it has more to do with games where you have to have a hand on the quick-save and quick-load keys. I loved Jedi Knight 2 for as long as I could handle it. Finally I just got sick of ""Let''s try this. No. That didn''t work. Load. How about this? No. That didn''t work. Load..."" ad nauseum.

Interesting post Sway. I liked Deus Ex at the time but can''t replay it again and I hated the thief games , far too much sneaking about for my liking. As for Jedi knight 2 Great Game but too many jumpy platformer style sections for my liking and a couple of really horrible ""where the hell am I?"" sections. I had to stop playing because I was going to break my keyboard or mouse in frustration.

Sway, I suppose that kind of sentiment could be part of the reason consoles are becoming so popular. There certainly isn''t a quick-save culture on the consoles for a variety of reasons, so to maintain gameflow there doesn''t tend to be as much a reliance on that device.

I like, nearly require, the option of saving when I want, and it''s lazy game design that uses saving as a gameplay element, that really hacks me off. It give saving freedom a bad name.

Still, your besmirching the good name of Deus Ex has made me seriously consider banning you. You''re lucky I don''t know how to do that!

- elysium

Wish I saw this post earlier. I couldn''t believe that playing a game would make me dizzy after years and years of playing games and not getting dizzy at all, so I did all this research on the internet and found out why it happens (images/frame rate move faster than your brain can pick them up) but it didn''t help me that I was the only one I knew getting dizzy from playing a few games, especially racing games and even GTA3. So, I guess this is just a long drawn out way of saying it happens to me too.

and btw, Elysium I agree with you 100% on the ""save"" situation.

Don''t get me wrong, Elyse. I abhor games that make me seek out a save spot. While it was a good excuse as a kid when Mom was yelling at me to go to bed, it is not such a good excuse with a wife. But I would argue that requiring quick-save/quick-load in order to simply proceed through the game is just as much ""lazy game design that uses saving as a gameplay element"" as save spots. I would prefer being able to retreat out of a bad situation, gather my wits, health, and ammo, and return to try again. Despite the ickiness of having to find save locations, Metroid allowed me to do this most of the time.

I still prefer saving anytime I want. I too am playing Metroid Prime and the F***ing Space Pirates are killing me. It sends you back to the last save spot, which I think, in my humble opinion, sucks.