So, What D'ya Think?

A fad I say, a fad!

What this site really needs is a methodology to assign value to the worth of a particular game.

Here's how it could work -- someone could play a game, and then decide how that game compares to other games that person has played. That person could then give the game a value -- a "rating" if you will.
Some sort of alpha-numeric representation of the inherent worth of the game.

Maybe bad games could be given a lower numerical value...say a 1. In contrast, a really excellent game could be given a higher value -- a 10 perhaps. You could use any scale you want, but to keep things simple, I think a 1-10 range would work.

Alternately, you could assign alphabetical value -- an "F" for poorly made games, and an "A" for higher quality products. I think a similar system is used in the public schools.

And the person who played the game could write a few hundred words explaining how that value was reached - what factors were used in applying the methodology to the game in question? It should be a transparent window on to the assessment process, where the writer explains exactly why a game was given a particular value.

I don't know, what do you guys think?

1 to 10 and A to F do not provide enough granularity!

It should be a 100 point scale. And should have 1 decimal place.

Good point. Think of all the debates that could be resolved in such a manner.

If Game A is clearly designated as being 1/10th superior to Game B, why there would be no need for argument. One simply points to the underlying number. This would make discussion about games much more efficient.

A clear and transparent system such as this could really revolutionize the industry.

Man, I bet World of Warcraft is going to suck when it comes out next year. I mean... a 3D RTS? What is Blizzard thinking?!

I'd like to see an option where the more grammatically inclined members in here can go in and edit posts. The original post would be shown by default, but there could be a button that reveals an entire "shadow" thread where you can see what other forum members have done to the previous posts for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.

Not a practical idea from a programming standpoint (I do some web development so a request like this would make me laugh), but I am sure some of you love to nitpick the English language. There is a high standard for writing here, so sometimes I feel embarrassed by my own posts.

Oh man! 'A Lonely Hat'! I loved that guy. Ah, for the days when Evil Avatar was sane, dames were easy, and the rivers ran pure and clean.