Firefly Dead - or what happened to quality Sci-Fi TV series?

It may have been the best piece of televised genre fiction in a decade.

Probably not the best, but it ranked up there. I still like Farscape better.

It's a lot better than stuff like Andromeda and Enterprise - are there any other sci fi series still around for next season?

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I just can''t force myself to watch Enterprise. Lord knows I''ve tried, but then I see something like Firefly and I just lose all enthusiasm for almost everything else. I''ve always meant to get involved with Farscape, and in many ways I''m stunned that I''ve never given it a fair shake. It seems like the shows I like tend to be cursed (says something about my preferences I suppose), so I tend to be hesitant when getting involved with a new show. If they begin releasing Farscape on DVD (they don''t do that yet, do they?) then I''ll probably get it off NetFlix and see what everyone''s so excited, and now disappointed, about.


It is looking more and more like ""Firefly"" is dead. I hope however I am proven wrong as I thought ""Firefly"" was the best show on TV this season.

Firefly is dead at FOX, however since Joss Whedon is such a badass they let him shop the show around to other networks to see if anybody will buy it. So well see.

Farscape is already on DVD, but its sh*tty because they release like 3 episodes a DVD, and theyre all seperate, for $25 apiece. If you start watching Farscape, watch from the beginning, as it was much better at the beginning. Lately the plots have been so contrived and boring that it''s even pissing my mother off, and she is rarely critical of scifi tv.

Firefly is fully dead. Joss took it to UPN and announced the other day that UPN rejected it. Its future is looking pretty grim I''m afraid.

Firefly wasn''t very good. I''m not missing it. Farscape should not have been killed by Scifi which is now the ""Anything but Scifi"" channel. They have this new show with the Highlander TV Show star which sucks monkey balls.

Firefly suxd, but I still am holding some hope that good Sci-Fi tv isn''t dead yet. Look at Stargate SG-1, that still looks decent. What we need is JMS to come back to the boob-tube and write us some quality shows

Damn this European backwater! I love Buffy and have been dying to see this series...But before I even get a chance to see it it''s cancelled! GRRR! I Hope a television network in Britain picks it up soon.