The first ever post!

I'm first!

I am second!

Damn, that''s not as much fun.

I''m third! Woo!

(slinks away in shame)

Wow, our very own subscriber. Would should get him a lawn chair and a daiquiri!


That''ll be banana please...

Oh, and I''d like my chair warmed, if at all possible. ''tis somewhat cold on the lawn this time of year.

Since when were visitors so high maintenence? This is going to be hard..

Valet, bring me a wench, plump and firm, and bring her soon...

Well my first post on your new site. Congrats and I hope this works out well.

If it doesn''t I know who I''ll blame.... Gaald!

Well well. The boys at play.

If Naked gets a wench I want a - um, male wench?


I''m not sure if Certis is, well, plump enough to fulfill the requirements for ""plump wench."" Perhaps ""manservant"" would do him more justice.

Oh, and welcome Gaald!

Dare I say hoochie''s icon resemble a certain female anatomy?

Please don''t beat me...

It struck me as a head, invaded by *insert evil dark cloud here*.

I''m not sure what it is, but frankly, it kind of scared me when I first saw it. Slowly it''s growing on me. Wait, maybe it''s just slowly growing?

Cool. So are you guys competing with

Cool. So are you guys competing with

Definitely not. Having been backstage, I know the kind of production Evil puts on, and we''d be woefully outclassed. We both expect that a good development of the kind of community we want to create will take time, and certainly work. We''ve no delusions of grandeur.

- Elysium

I predict a new console from Nintendo will come out in 2006 called a Wii with a motion sensitive controller.

Heya folks, pretty slick looking operation you got going on here.

Hi guys, looking forward to seeing what kind of community actually comes together....

As for me, I like to lurk and watch. Sometimes I will have to give an IMO comment, but other wise hide like a drunk in a bathroom at work.

And yes, I can hardly spell correctly.

Woo-Hoo for you guys! Congratulations!

Is it possible to show more comments per topic? If not you guys should increase it as its a bit low right now.

Dare I say hoochie''s icon resemble a certain female anatomy?

Not to shred your sense of mystery, but that''s a tatoo between her shoulder-blades. Try not to get too excited..

With the unholy powers of GWJ 2.0's 'sort by date created' necromancy, I have revived the first ever Everthing Else thread!

For my next trick, I will re-animate Zorack and register Johnny Mojo for the Green Party.

Can I be your lovely assistant?

Aw, back in the days where I felt inclined to be all respectful of EA.

Nice that we have several people there on the first day that are still with us.

All you who didn't originally post in this thread in 2003: You're not hardcore ... unless you live hardcore. Represent ... and such.

(edit, duh I totally used a period when I clearly needed a colon! I know I misused the elipses slightly, but that's how I roll down here in the hood.)

(second edit: What the hell's wrong with me?)

Elysium wrote:

(second edit: What the hell's wrong with me?)

Do we really need to go there?

<------- Look at meI am still a coffee grinder even two years later!

I like to take this time to thank me, for not getting involved in the P&C forum. I would also like to thank my job, to keep me too busy to participate, but yet leave me a nice thankyou note every two weeks for being such a whore.


You're not hardcore ... unless you live hardcore.

But the legend of the rent was WAY hardcore!

All this thread really proves is that some people are just too old, and should have died by now.

Yeah, I definitely didn't find the site until months after it was created, though I do remember seeing Certis occasionally on the gonegold forums. Those were definitely the ones I frequented the most.

Question! *raises hand*

Ummmmm... how did I get here again? I don't EVEN remember what started this. It was back in my first semester of college with PSYCHO boy for a roommate... and you guys, along with my family and a few girl friends (I hate having to put a space between those two words all the time) were my only bits of happiness and sanity... well you guys and KotOR and PnP D&D.