Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode 361

Total War: Rome 2, Rayman Legends, Disney Infinity, Earthbound, Final Fantasy XIV Reborn, 868 Hack, A Reading By Graham Rowat, Your Emails and More!

This week Shawn, Julian and Cory get caught up on some emails and we have a new reading by Graham Rowat!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind. You can even send a 30 second audio question or comment (MP3 format please) if you're so inclined.

Chairman_Mao's Timestamps
00.01.34 Total War: Rome II
00.13.24 Rayman Legends
00.20.03 Disney Infinity
00.29.32 Splinter Cell Black List
00.30.47 868 Hack
00.37.58 FF XIV
00.42.45 Earthbound
00.52.51 Lords of the Waterdeep
00.56.00 Graham Rowat reads Art School Girl by Cory Banks
01.02.57 Your emails!

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Hey guys, just listened to this last episode.

It got me thinking and looking through old notes of article ideas and blog posts that went unpublished. On the subject of Divekick and a fighting game's ease of use. I always wonder if this is a generational idea. As someone whose been in and out of the FGC [fighting game community] for the better part of 15 years. Watching the fighting game culture [industry, community and games] evolve has been super interesting.

I'm wondering if the call for 'the simple fighting game' is a cry coming solely from our generation. A generation that once had the time to discover hitbox glitches in the first version of Street Fighter II [we would later call them combos].

I'm also wondering are these calls for something simpler in games to cater to us craggy and aged critics something systematic of a bigger issue. It's no secret that after this console generation a great deal of genres either changed and adapted to current trends in gaming, or... became niche-afied or died. This is something [again as a dedicated and life-long fan of the genre] I feel fighting games are headed in this path.

We're seeing it with Tekken Revolution going free to play and having... umm... questionable success. We're also seeing this with upcoming titles like Killer Instinct, a game that has had... umm... questionable hype surrounding it.

I'm not a big advocate for a great deal of what goes on in the FGC. Divekick is a game that's made by a person I'm not too fond of. But I do like what it's "trying." There is a part of me that thinks that these crowd funded, community-specific games are the only way soon-to-be niche genres can survive. I can't help but wonder what's in store for old fogey's in this coming generation of ballooning budgets and a wider gulf of indie and AAA.

rabbit wrote:

On expansions: we can just disagree. Most of the ones you listed I don't care for. The small world expansions are really the only ones ill use, and I have most of the others you listed.

But, at least the first two expansions for Race for the Galaxy are good in that they make the other colors viable...

McIrishJihad wrote:

No worries rabbit, I was just wondering if there's a hole somewhere in Western MA that leads to an alternative dimension where I would be buying a used Earthbound cart :D

Same here. Not that I need another EB cart, but if there's a place to purchase used games on the cheap I want to go there.

And your wife wins the "Spouse of the Year award" for buying EB for you. No contest.

Good show guys! I'd love to know what rabbit had for breakfast - he was so animated (both in the praise and the cussing aspects of his monologging).

All the release woes around Rome 2 have vindicated my holding off. Very early in the marketing material I looked at Rome (which I love and still play vanilla) compared with Rome 2 and what CA said they wanted to do with it just turned me off. What I wanted was Rome with better graphics, AI and a more robust strategy game. It really seems like very little of what I want in my "ideal" version of this game is present in the release and considering how badly Shaun's monster PC handles it, I know that my puny mid-range a year and a half ago gaming PC would struggle with it.

With regards to the turns taking forever - I know that would make me just quit the game and never look back. It happened in one of the Championship Manager games and it made me drop the series.

With how this year is shaping up, I think my Christmas present is going to be a wired 360 controller for my PC so I can play some games that I have been holding off from due to my previous controller being "gifted" away by my mum when I left it with her. Just nothing at release on the new console (can't buy a One in my country) that I want to play and I'm pretty sure the steak Christmas sale will have some games that I will like... Although sometimes it feels like I'm buying games faster than they come out...

rabbit wrote:

On expansions: we can just disagree.

Agreed; goodnatured disagreement aside, I totally enjoy the boardgaming tidbits that work their way into the show.

McIrishJihad wrote:

What the heck is Jullian smoking when saying "I could spend $8 or $9 on the cart"??

The cheapest cart I'm seeing on eBay is still $82, and going up from there o.0

I was wondering the same damn thing.

The letter of an RPG stripped down to its bare essentials reminded me a lot of this:

TrollheartBlue wrote:

The letter of an RPG stripped down to its bare essentials reminded me a lot of this:

There's also ProgressQuest

Designing a stripped-down game is a great way to really hone a dev's skills on those core mechanics, and provides a way for critics and other players to engage with at least one conception of the core of a genre.

Bboy_Izilla wrote:

Divekick is a game that's made by a person I'm not too fond of.

The original crew, or Robo Modo? I don't think I've heard anything bad about the latter, and I haven't really looked into the former.

I like how Elysium played hookie on the episode that would have required him to play a JRPG.

Hah. Busted!!!