Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode 350

State of Decay, The Last of Us, Wargame: Airland Battle, Gunpoint, Crusader Kings 2, The Consoles That Fit Into Our Lives, Your Emails and More!

This week Julian, Cory and Elysium talk a whole mess of games and how consoles will fit into their lives in the future.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind. You can even send a 30 second audio question or comment (MP3 format please) if you're so inclined.

Chairman_Mao's Timestamps
00.02.12 Crusader Kings
00.13.13 Fist Puncher
00.17.47 State of Decay
00.21.25 Gunpoint
00.24.57 Airland Battle
00.27.33 Primeworld: Defenders
00.31.14 The Last of Us
00.35.28 This week's topic: The Consoles that Fit into our Lives!
00.56.36 Your emails!

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Intro/Outtro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks

Lonely Organ - Broke for Free - - 35:00

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Jayhawker wrote:

No one knows what the sharing was going to be, but I never thought it was going to be as wide open as people have interpreted it. I always expected sharing to be tied exclusively to accounts tied to your console. I always thought that was pie in the sky thinking.

I keep flipping with my thinking on this. Sometimes I'm sure that sharing was nothing like what people are imagining and was probably very limited but when I read the denials saying they sharing wasn't time limited I imagine that it was possibly a great thing.

Drew Karpyshyn, while talking about his rejected ME3 ending that was becoming a thing of legend, mentioned the vapour ware effect where people hear a few details about a game that never came out and their mind fills in the rest of the game with everything they'd like to see. That way the game takes on an mythical status in the gamers mind. I think that's partly what is happening with Microsoft's pre-180 policies.

Although, I admit, in the fullness of time there may have well been some great benefits to the pre-180 policies. It's just that, as everyone points out, the upsides were all vague and ephemeral, the down sides were all nailed down and clear as day.