Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode 324

Our 2012 Wrap-Up Continues, A Jeff Green Segment on His 2012 Favorites and Disappointments and more!

Part two of our 2012 retrospective! Catch our top three games and a visit from Jeff Green!

To contact us, email! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind. You can even send a 30 second audio question or comment (MP3 format please) if you're so inclined.

Chairman_Mao's Timestamps
00.02.14 FTL and the rise of difficult games
00.18.35 Torchlight 2
00.21.38 Guild Wars 2
00.27.04 Sleeping Dogs
00.29.47 Dishonored
00.35.47 Kickstarter
00.47.29 Mark of the Ninja
00.51.08 Tokyo Jungle
00.52.51 Borderlands 2
00.58.08 Halo 4
01.02.00 10,000,000
01.02.21 Orcs Must Die 2
01.06.47 X-Com 2
01.13.19 Wii-U
01.20.42 - 01.39.29 Friend of the Show, Jeff Green!
01.40.08 The stepping up of PAX
01.45.25 Soundshapes
01.46.11 Black Mesa
01.47.19 Far Cry 3
01.49.34 Assassin's Creed 3 - disappointment of the year?
01.52.16 Hitman Absolution
01.53.15 Warlock Master of the Arcane
01.54.09 Board games!
01.56.02 Dust: an Elysium Tale
01.56.45 More gaming disappointments
01.57.49 Persona 4 Golden (Vita)
01.59.48 Aaaaaand the GWJ Conference Call's Top 3 picks of 2012!

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8-bit Samples - Dexter Britain - - 1:23:00

Blink - Workbench Music - - 1:42:15

Intro/Outtro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks


I again second the Persona 4 talk near the end there. I'm now sitting at 135 hours on my second pass. I'm probably going to get all of the trophies except 1 this time around. I missed one of the books both times. I'm actually looking forward to playing through a 3rd time just for that trophy.

I'd also up-vote Sound Shapes and Tokyo Jungle. I really need to go back to play more Tokyo Jungle though...

It's only fair that Xbox gets Dust: Elysian Tale as the PSN has gotten so many other great indie games... It's a game that I'm really hoping jumps to other platforms so I can play it though. It'd be a day 1 purchase for me.

Just going to post here, but I binge listened the two in a row. Gosh, I love these end of the year podcasts. Really, really enjoy them. And I really appreciate that you make an effort to "remember" the first half of the year, because it's just soooo easy to forget them with all these shiny new fall releases.

A note on pre-orders, I usually avoid them, because I like my "get something for my money" rule, not "get something later for my money" (which is why I'm not too keen on Kickstarter as well). I tend to bend the rules for games I'm really, really looking forward to and/or if there are goodies I want. I was really anxious to get my hands on Mass Effect 3, and I wanted the collector's edition too. Borderlands 2 I also pre-ordered, because I wanted the Marcus bobblehead. Most of the time, though, I tend to wait for Steam sales now, and have switched to digital distribution with a passion. Moving four times in 5 years will do that to you.

+1 to OMD2 as game of the year!