Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode 281

Syndicate, Vita Hands-On & Games, SSX, SOL Exodus, The Connective Tissue Between Games, Your Twitter Topics, Emails and more!

This week Julian, Shawn and Cory are joined by Jonathan Downin as they talk about caving and buying the Vita.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind. You can even send a 30 second audio question or comment (MP3 format please) if you're so inclined.


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Show credits

Music credits: 

Intro/Outtro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks

FFVII - No Such Thing as the Promised Land - SGX - - 40:19

DDR (4F73R M3) - SGX - - 1:02:04


wordsmythe wrote:
rabbit wrote:

I actually know the difference between isometric and isomorphic in my brain. It just sometimes seems to get lost on the way to my mouth.

It's related to orthogonality.

Well, it's sort of sideways to it. More of an analogous relationship.