Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode 227

Stacking, Dungeon Raid, King Arthur: The Roleplaying Wargame, Julian & Demiurge's Pinball Odyssey, Your Emails and more!

This week Shawn, Cory and Julian talk about the latest acquisition for the rabbitcave: a pinball machine!

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rabbit wrote:
El-Taco-the-Rogue wrote:

These 'Julian does something old-fashioned-and-game-related' segments always make me a little sad. I'm fifteen, and my first EVER real-life pinball experience was last year, on a dusty old machine at a local arcade. Someone needs to catalogue all this stuff for posterity, and soon.

Right there with you man. Depending on what part of the country you live in, people ARE doing that. Rochester NY has the museum of play. Northern California has the Pacific Pinball Museum. Las Vegas has the Pinball Hall of Fame. Washington has the National Pinball Museum. And around the country, small amusement parks are a bastion of pinheads. Even big amusement parks like Disney or Six Flags tend to have 5-10 good pinball machines in good repair.

This used to be KLOV = Killer List of Video Games
An excellent index of arcade cabinets with shots of cabinets, marquees, and sideart. Admittedly the pinball section is less fleshed out. The icons at the side indicating which pictures are included for any given machine are a nice way to find what you're looking for.

On games for kids, my son is 4 and has been playing the Lego Battman demo for about six months. I've managed to try to divert him with the Star Wars The Clone Wars demo. It worked for a while. He can play either with only occasional help. The lego games are prone to some jumping puzzles which feel poorly play tested. We're now working on the new Lego Star Wars, Clone Wars demo for PS3 to keep Dad sane. I'd say most kids could play the Lego series at 4 with some adult help. The ipod/iphone has a lot of learning numbers, letters, colours games which are mom approved, unlike more of the PS3 stuff we play together.

My pinball story: Imagine our shock when we rolled into the arcade and found Mr. Bailey, our science teacher racking up credits on the pinball machines. He taught grade 9 science, grade 11 science and grade 13 (in ON Canada used to be) Organic Chemistry. We used to end up playing pinball with him as well as learning science in class at school. He's a friend of the family now through my sister in law.

I had a highschool summer job at a go-kart track. When it was dead, the manager would bring us in to play pinball. There was a new machine two or three times each season. Addams Family was by far the best, followed by STTNG.

What I love about pinball is that you are rewarded for doing well, even if you loose. If you knock during your game, then loose that credit was still there. Arcade Cabinet titles only rewarded you by allowing you to continue playing. That and they were designed to be difficult and take your money, where pinball always felt like a game of skill.

Late to the discussion, but @ 4½ my son had little problem with Lego Batman and Indy (on 360) Lego Star Wars seems a little more difficult for him (on the Wii) but he enjoys it (and I enjoy his newfound love for all things Star Wars.) On the Wii he also likes New Super Mario Bros Wii, Pokemon Rumble and Fluidity (our almost 3 year old also likes Fluidity).

angramainyu wrote:

RE: Games for 4-year-olds.

My daughter is 4, and I play Minecraft with her. It started out with her just using the mouse (tip: buy a small mouse, and one less than 4 buttons), and me controlling the keyboard. Soon she wanted to use the keyboard, and now has pretty much mastered WASD. I used to have to handle ladders and jumps for her, but now she can do those, too. Kids pick up things faster than you think, so if you can ease the start of the curve a little bit (like having a second mouse plugged into the same computer so you can easily "assist" without interrupting them), they will catch up pretty fast.

I ended up buying a second account, and now we play on two computers beside each other on a multiplayer server I have running just for us. It's like having a infinite Lego collection.

My sister and I fluttered about happily upon reading this. Indoctrination ftw!