Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode 55

Beautiful Katamari, Hellgate London, Demi Grabs a Wii, Brütal Legend, NPDs, What Makes A Game Great?, Fighting Games, Win A Prize Pack with Orange Box! Your Emails and more!

With Shawn taking a break this week the rest of the crew clamp down on what makes a game great. Cory finally gets himself a Wii, the guys gush about Tim Schaeffer's next project and your emails are properly molested. We also launch a new contest this week! Name the GWJ Conference Call rock band and you could win Guitar Hero II, Orange Box and a couple Live Arcade games for the Xbox 360! Deadline for entries in this Saturday afternoon, October 27th.

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Show credits

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Intro/Outro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks

"PodunkStump" Ian Dorsch - 0:25:41
"Los Pistoleros" Ian Dorsch - 0:50:47


wordsmythe wrote:

"360 4 lyfe!"

"We're pretty good on punctuation."

"Childish" games and their relation to fighters

"After a while, it seemed like we were doing the same thing over and over."

Nancy Drew games

I glanced over smythe's post thinking these were band names. It started off reasonable but went downhill fast.

Excellent thread of the week!

And now I feel old. I hereby leave fighting games to Demi and the rest of you youngsters.

nossid wrote:

I glanced over smythe's post thinking these were band names. It started off reasonable but went downhill fast.

"We're pretty good on punctuation." is a reasonably good band name.



Remember if you don't send it in by e-mail I don't think it counts!

Rubb Ed wrote:


Oh my God I love it.


Why is interrobang ringing a bell? I mean, I know what it is (although not how to extract it from a keyboard without doing a symbol lookup), but is there a recent pop culture reference I'm missing? If not, I may have to start using it in everyday speech more to make myself feel less doddering.

There was... a thread

TheGameguru wrote:

Button Mashers were always laughed at in Fighting game circles.. Lord know I always knew I had an easy win against a button masher.

Absolutely. When I was obsessed with Street Fighter 2, there was no way that anyone could win with a button mash. Far more annoying where the people that would repeat one move over and over with no strategy - but even they would get put down. Oh, you want to do Bison's flaming torpedo back and forth? Don't you know my dragon punch kills that?

Actually, Tekken was a game that seemed like you needed to do was button mash. Never got into it thoughl.

I'm not sure who gets more geek cred. Is it Rabbit for putting Firefly on his PSP or his wife for watching it while traveling? Color me super impressed!

Interesting to hear you talk about game design and how great games are made from scientific testing and solid plans. In a recent Kingdom of Loathing podcast the main developer, Jick, was describing how some elements of his game have been implemented from back-of-a-napkin doodles created while drinking alone in a bar, and one of the other devs (Riff I think) chimed in saying it was the fact these fun, spontaneous ideas made it into the game that made the game what it is today.

Now true, KoL is not a triple-A title by any stretch of the imagination, and neither is it super-balanced, but hey, I think it's a great game, and precisely because some of the mechanics are unbalanced and fun to play around with

I hate fighting games with a passion.
Great show guys!

Hope you guys like your Band names and Rockstar names I sent in tonight. I'm glad I'm not so busy at work this week that I couldn't join in on the fun. It pisses me off when I miss something.