Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode 52

Special Wife Edition!, Relationships And Gaming, Origins, Rock Band Pricing and more!

This week Julian and Shawn have their wives on to talk gaming, relationships and dealing with all the trials and tribulations of living with a gamer. Gather your loved ones, join us in the healing.

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Thread of The Week

(1) My not so triumphant return to Multi-player - AmazingZoidberg

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Intro/Outro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks

"Impeller" Ian Dorsch - 0:33:13


Certis wrote:

That would be this one right here, Jaunty.

Awesome, thanks a million!

I wouldn't say that thread is ALL Mock, but parts of it are pretty mockarific.

I got a shout out! Woo! I'm almost famous! Can't wait to hear you guys talk about my email. Also I thought this 'cast was really interesting and felt the change in format was refreshing without being too radical. Good jorb on that. I hope you guys can think of some more ways to mix it up every once in awhile. But not too often! We fear change! Fear it! Eeep!

I can only hope my future wife is understanding of my obsession with video games. I like when you guys mix things up, another great show.

I'm about halfway through the podcast right now, and I'm nodding my head in agreement with you guys as you're going along. My wife, like Karla, is often the navigator when I play games. Be it Zelda, Metroid, Dead Rising or what not, she's the one that often reminds me that my health is getting low, and maybe I should go grab that health pack over there. It's funny how there seems to be a common unspoken language for our significant others while they watch us game.

Chiggie Von Richthofen wrote:


Quiet you!

My wife hates games and that I game with a serious passion. She has fantasies about throwing away my 360 and turning my office into a sitting room or something. (It's something she often brings up if we fight.) I think she was under the impression that I'd outgrow this whole gaming thing when I was done with college; I'm not really sure why since I didn't do or say anything to give her that idea. That's my wife though. She'll decide how she thinks things are going to go and then get pissed when the world doesn't follow the script.

The result is that it has really, really put damper on how much time I can spend gaming, not that I have much time to begin with since I've got an eight year old to deal with as well. During the week I'm generally lucky to get in about three hours of gaming, I can only game on the nights that she goes to the gym, and on the weekends I'm doing pretty well if I play any game all. It bugs me (obviously!) that she treats it as just one step above going to strip clubs and it's a huge source of contention in our nine year marriage.

It probably will be for the rest of our lives.

Your wife's sound like very nice girl's. I don't know how Curtis ended up with a nice girl but man do I feel sorry for her. Great show guys and gals, you should have them on more often if they have the time to do it. I was surprised that you guys don't watch much TV. My wife and I love watching all the fall shows together. Like House, Grey's Anatomy, Life, Journeyman and Dexter but rabbit did say he downloads shows onto the computer so maybe they watch them together there?

Loved the podcast, even had my wife listen in, and that's a first - gaming related podcasts normally have her running for the nearest door. Some similar experiences my end, we met via EQ, both were guides and spent the wee-small hours of every night chatting for nigh on two years before I happened to meet her in person as a guild picnic; we were married the following year. That was 3 years and once bouncing baby boy ago now

Keep up the good work, was great to hear from the folks who we always seem to short change

I smiled a lot while listening. Like Rabbit, I hide my love of gaming, comics, and all things geeky when I first met my wife. Turns out I didn't have much to be concerned about. Later on, we fought over playtime for Sims and Animal Crossing. I was also reminded of when my son was six months old, I really started to feel really guilty over being so addicted to Oblivion.

Relationships and gaming is very underexplored topic and both your wives are very charming. I hope you guys do it more often.