Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode 22

Bullet Witch, Worms, GRAW 2, PS3's Home, Little Big Planet, GDC Post Mortem, Tons Of Your Emails, Diamonds in The Rough and more!

Today on the Conference Call we go deep on all things GDC, including Peter Molyneux's dog, Mario Galaxies and a whole lot more. We also have new emails, the thread of the week and some of our diamonds in the rough. Don't forget the haiku contest runs until Saturday, March 17th. Win a copy of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for the Xbox 360 thanks to!

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To enter the haiku contest, send your entry to [email protected] along with your forum name! (Deadline is March 17th)


The Links
Bullet Witch
Home and Little Big Planet
Anachronox Machinima

Thread of the Week: Diamonds in the Rough/games that need more love - Trachalio

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Intro/Outro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks

"Dc 3000" Thievery Corporation The Wired CD - 0:19:53
"Relaxation Spa Treatment" Dan The Automator The Wired CD - 1:03:29


There's also an [url=]A... DVD[url] for free. Just download and burn the ISOs. It's supposed to have extras but of what quality they are I can't say. I haven't watched it yet.

I hope that links works for others because it's not working for me momentarily.

And you guys couldn't have been more right when comparing the present Wii lull with the DS lull. The only difference is that I was excited about the Wii before the lull. I didn't get excited about the DS until Nintendogs and Phoenix Wright.

momgamer wrote:

-- That's "fled", guys. This is "fleed". ;)

I didn't want to be the one to mention it.

-- Thanks for the Bullet Witch snark there. Let me answer that question about how do you see the gunrod on the back of the package and buy it? Well, there's a busty chick in a naughty schoolgirl outfit carrying it low and gesturing at the camera with her chest. For a certain part of the audience, that's a no brainer. If you really want to feel like you need a shower, you should take a wander through Gamespot's message board topic on this game.

Well played, ma'am.

And honestly, this is Peter Molyneaux. If he said that the sky was blue I'd probably wait until he actually shipped the atmosphere before making a final judgement.

Blue skies are so cliché. I demand innovation!

Rat Boy wrote:
Certis wrote:

I blame 60 hour work weeks and Demi pouring haterade in my ear.

Does haterade directly into the ear burn as much as I've heard it does? You figure so because it's a citric acid, but I wanted to be sure.

No, but it will send sons into iambically pentametered insanity. Also: Kenneth Branagh.

So... go for it?

Elysium wrote:

Yeah, I did miss that then.

Guys, keep in mind that we've got to reduce the email down to a few sentences, so these long long long long [...] later that same day [...] long long long long emails will lose much in the translation.

Sorry, i wasn't complaining. I knew my email was haphazzard and bitty.

Demiurge wrote:
Edwin wrote:
Certis wrote:

I blame 60 hour work weeks and Demi pouring haterade in my ear. And Rob, I blame Rob in general. I'll try and clean up my act, but I promise nothing, you prudes.

Promise to curse more often.

That can certainly be arranged.

Based on my calculations the Conference Call is right near the median in FBph (F-Bombs per hour) as compared to other major gaming podcasts. The DJph (d*ck jokes per hour) count is way below average, however.

Great show. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to hear you guys discuss the ultra-commercialized Home for the PS3 and point out how it is decidedly not the same thing as the user-created Second Life. The chorus of "It's just like Second Life, but on the PS3!" from the rest of the gaming media was starting to make my ears bleed. Thanks.

Thank you, Certis. You reminded of something I wanted to post when you mentioned the resolution of Fallout Tactics during tonight's toilet toss.

Anachronox only ran at two resolutions by default but you could edit some config file to enable others. And I'm pretty sure a patch came out eventually that did this for you.