Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode Eighteen

Jeff Green, The Editor in Chief of Games For Windows Joins Us For The Whole Show!, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Expansion, A Little More Vanguard, The Crazy Go Nuts GFW Top Ten Games, Advertorials and more!

We are very pleased to be joined by Jeff Green, the Editor In Chief of Games For Windows (formally Computer Gaming World), for the whole show. We talk about independence from Microsoft, the Titan Quest expansion due in March, advertorials, how Bonnie's Bookstore ended up in the GFW Top Ten 2006 list, honest previews and much, much more!

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The Links
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
Games For Windows

Thread of the Week:
What level of journalistic integrity should we expect from a preview? - Souldaddy

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Intro/Outro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks

"Small Comfort" - Apoplexia (Benoit Casey) - 0:25:57
"Under Major Influence" New Delhi FM Daylight Confusion - 0:52:25
"Impeller" Ian Dorsch


Great show! I love this period in gaming journalism, with everyone making guest appearances on each other's podcasts. Always fun to listen to smart people converse. Funny thing about the topic of previews, hearing the reality of journalism killed any conspiracy theory enthusiasm I had. It's just a complicated subject, I guess, and always will be.

And curse you, rabbit, for implying I am a Microsoft plant to a former editor of Macweek.

Jeff was a great guest. Thanks, guys.

DreadAle wrote:

Speaking of which, could anyone enlighten me regarding the status of The Escapist Radio?

Russ is too busy kickin' ass at The Escapist to do the radio show. It's okay, he misses you too.

Rob is Gaald? I've been wondering why there's ONE GUY who's never identified with a forum name...I was beginning to think that it was some non-Goodjer who somehow finagled his way onto the show.

And I don't think Edwin got the voices quite right:

nasal-but-authoritative voice that says "actually" every five seconds - Certis
low, absolutely stoic voice - Elysium
high, fast talking voice - Demi
most enthusiastically nerdy voice - Rabbit
deeper voice most resembling a normal person - Gaald/Rob

Those also work to describe them. I'm not fancy english lit major like yourself.

That was me, Jeff, who said that readers get upset when mags publish fewer previews. In fact, I had no idea you and I agree so much on everything, from previews to Bonnie's Bookstore. Clearly, we are from the same Cylon model.

Great guest, guys. Really enjoyed this one!

nasal-but-authoritative voice that says "actually" every five seconds - Certis

Every show I pick a new Shawn-ism to strike from my vocabulary. I think I'll pick "actually" and "seems to" for the next one. Thanks! It's actually tougher to spot that stuff when you're listening to yourself talk.

And I don't mean to pick on you, Certis...I hate, hate listening to myself talking*, or even if I'm just having a conversation and I stop to think about how I'm talking, the amounts of "hmms" and "uhs" are truly frightening. You guys do a great job of not doing very much of that. I think Elysium actually wins the prize, which is in one way or another correlated to the way that he sounds, I think.

*as in, either recorded or over a microphone. That said, I love karaoke.

I think his beard gives him super powers, it's the only explanation.

Apparently my beard doesn't give me power over viruses! Damn beard's done nothin' for me lately.

Certis wrote:

I think his beard gives him super powers, it's the only explanation.

He's like Samson. Or Aquaman. I think he gets his superpowers from that crazy blond mullet of his, not from being Atlantean.

Quite an excellent podcast. Jeff, it's nice to hear you "out of the office" as it seems you have to bite your tongue pretty hard on occaision on your own podcast. Seeing behind the curtain was such a delight! I love hearing media people talk to each other. I think it's the Italian in me that likes to see the sausage get made. Now, Goodjer Radio folk, I have to recommend a podcast cage match: Gaz vs. Jeff! To the pain!

Wow, Jeff Green came on the show! So does that mean there's people like...listening to it now and stuff? Great show as always guys and welcome to the site Jeff!

Thanks, all--it was fun being on, and I'd definitely come back as a guest sometime if the guys will have me! Hopefully I swung some new readers/listeners your way as well, as this is a cool site. And I love Gaz, so I don't know how much of a "Vs" he and I would have, but it would definitely be fun to be on the same show as him!

Jeff Green has the same voice as David Cross. I'm not just saying they sound a little similar... they share one voice. You might see them in a room together, but they won't speak at the same time.

Don't worry folks, your nasally-overlyenthusiastic-nerd will be back on this week. There are real issues with too many people on the show at once -- it can get messy, everyone stepping on each other, and since many of us are on skype, Rob can only do so much to clean up our acts. I'm kind of enjoying the rotation here from a pool of regulars. I wish I'd been able to make this one though, because y'all stole my tagline.

And its mcCHUCKLEnuts, not mcCHUCKERnuts. Not that it's CHUCK at all of course.

Hooray for the return of rabbit!

Fedaykin98 wrote:

Hooray for the return of rabbit!

Yep, time to get some onions and white wine vinegar and make some hasenpfeffer. Mmmmm..... IMAGE(

Not much I can add at this late point other than to say; great show. Please bring Jeff back when you get an opportunity. I enjoyed his comments on his magazine, the industry and challenges associated with both.

Definitely huge thumbs up for Jeff.

Is this a crossover gig where Certis and Elysium get to be on the GFW podcast? Or did Jeff join us out of the kindness of his own heart?

I totally wouldnt have known that Iron Lore was going to release a Titan Quest expansion. I mean you always suspected but you never know if TQ sold enough copies, especially with the secure rom fiasco in the first week of launch.

I liked TQ but I don't know if the expansion will address the problems with the game. There is a serious difficulty issue with the pet classes in the last act. The pets just dont have the strength to be of much use. Fortunately, in the first act of second difficulty, pets get a hp multiplier that makes them useful again at least until the kronos maze. The expansion is going to add another act inbetween the difficulty settings which is going to prolong the stages where the pets are ineffective.

The other problem is the hit and run ranged combat of both the pure mage classes and archers is too stilted or isnt smooth. I hope the new skill tree doesn't further this problem.

I guess there is a third problem. I quit Titan quest when the level pacing became as slow as the mid levels in WoW. This could be a symptom of the pet weakness issue. For instance, the pet is ineffectual in the appropriate level combat because its at the end of the act where the monsters do too much damage. And the areas where the pet has enough hp in the first act of the next difficulty, the monster are too high level so that the player just doesnt have the gear yet to do the dps.

Level 27-32 has been a real struggle for my pet user. I dont see that changing soon as the monsters in the first act of the next difficulty are level ~40.

GFW's podcast is easily in my top 5 podcasts, and I haven't owned a PC for at least 4 or 5 years now. The candor with which they speak and the fun they have with each other brings me back every week. Poopsocking and Shawn reading letters in nerd voice always cracks me up.

Jeff, you should join us for a Toilet Toss or Gears & Beers some night. I assure you that you've never experienced the lost art of trash talking with wit until you've played online with this bunch.