Conference Call

GWJ Conference Call Episode Eleven

Assault Heroes, Madden Wii, Pirates Online, Elysium Hates The Wii, Our Best Personal Gaming Moments of 2006 and more!

In our last show of 2006, we dig deep into our memories and find our favorite game-related moments of 2006. Elysium dislikes the Wii, dislikes Christmas, yet still likes Final Fantasy XII. Go figure! Thread of the Week, your emails, some delightful instrumental Christmas music and more!

If anyone would like to submit some original music for the show, read on for a link to contact us! Also read on for show notes.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind. You can even send a 30 second audio question or comment (MP3 format please) if you're so inclined.

The Links
Assault Heroes
Pirates Online
Madden Wii
Tritton AX360 Headset

Thread of the Week: What Publishers Do You Respect? (Parallax Abstraction)

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Show credits

Music credits: 

Intro/Outro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks

"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" - Six String Christmas - - 0:21:06
"Carol of the Bells" - Jennifer Haines - Christmas Magic - - 0:44:06
"Carol of the Bells" - Jennifer Haines - Christmas Magic - - 0:55:48
"Deck The Halls" - John Morgan - Seasonings - - 1:01:42


thewanderer14 wrote:

I'm with Thin_J on that question about how long the fiber optic cable is. I'm in need of the 10-12 length here. Also I, um... I have a huge head. Are the
AX360s both spacious and roomy?

Pssst. Hey.

I think rabbit's ignoring us

I kid, but after looking at the thing some more I'm thinking my question on the optical cable is actually irrelevant. If I'm understanding the product right that little box that comes with the headphones actually sits in or near your 360 and the optical cable runs from that to the system. Then the headphones have separate cords that run to that box.

I'd still like to know how long the cord on the headphone is though.

Yes, the little blue box (tm) sits on top of my 360. Then theres a long long cord to the headset. I would say, quick guess, it's 8-10 feet. Note this is not your daddy's cord -- its a 9 million conductor proprietary dingleberry, so I wouldn't count on extending it much. Nor would I count on locating the box anywhere cute, because it needs the optical, a power, and the headset cord.

As for the big head problem... um... well... I dunno, sounds like a personal problem to me.

I'm sure there's a joke to be made about the big heads. I suggest incorporating the Wii.

Stuff it in.

What about stuffing my proprietary dingleberry? I was just playing Beirut...

Edit: Thanks for the info. I'm planning a pilgrimage to Fry's. There's a $30 rebate going on from the manufacturer Tritton.

Early this morning I emereged from the sonic cave I've been living in for the past 26 years. I heard people walk up behind me... and shoot me in the head, but that's besides the point. I could tell if they were above me or below me. This is epic. The mic won't pic up a light cough and the headphones are HUGE! I could wear them with a knit hat and still have plenty of room. Better purchase than any game I could get right now because I want to play them all over again. Thanks for the tip! These things even come with a custom felt bag!

Note on calibration, should I be playing with this "time delay" thing? Does that make the speakers seem farther away by how many millisecond I put on the delay from that channel?

I'm pretty stoked with the quality of the AX360s as well, although I haven't really used them more than just to set them up. Luna is playing her first game with them right now.

so what's the verdit, zero? I'm thinking about buying these (they're on sale at tiger with a rebate)....

Luna seems quite pleased. She said the sound quality was great, and the microphone works well too. However, as Rabbit mentioned in the podcast, she did have to lower the audio output in game in Gears in order to be able to hear chat over the sound effects. With regard to comfort over extended play periods, they must be fine since she played all the way though the campaign mode in co-op with one of our real life friends in more or less one sitting, and never had any trouble with the headset becoming uncomfortable. has this headset w/ rebate. The cheapest I found it elsewhere (other than which also offers the rebate, but is $92.99 after tax) was $124
can be used w/ pc/dvd/ps2/xbox/xbox360. This was made for the Xbox 360. It comes with microphone and is completely Xbox Live Compatible.

at checkout it is $119.99 with free ground shipping and $30 rebate. This makes it 89.99 AR. This is the last day for the rebate so get it while you can!


A review in short. Tinny is not the word to be used with this headset. The microphone is superior and has a little heft to it. Swinging it up and out of the way feels like a plausible act of frustration. The calibration of the four dials on the headset is superbly simple: listen, play, and tinker. My favorite feature is the vibration. Get pwned and the whole thing rumbles. The bass, after a few rounds, is acceptable but in no sense comparable to a real sub. The directional sound is clutch. I feel like I have another sense in the game that my opponents don't have access to. Overall the finest addition to my 360 by far. I wish I had had this when my laptop worked to play HL2, BF 2, Guild Wars... *sniff* It has optical and coax in... So beautiful.

Wait, it intentionally shakes up your head goo? That's a value add?