Conference Call

The GWJ Conference Call Episode Two!

Dead Rising, Sourceforts, The Importance of Game Reviews, Gen Con, Eve Online CCG Interview, Forum Topic of the Week, A New Tune By Ian "Podunk" Dorsch and more!

It's time once again for the Gamers With Jobs Conference Call! We take you through what we've been playing, some discussions about the future of game reviews and a whole lot more. We're joined later in the show by Julian "Rabbit" Murdoch to talk about the Gen Con experience and lead us into an interview he conducted with a member of the Eve: The Second Genesis card game team. Today's show also features the unveiling of a new tune by our very own Ian "Podunk" Dorsch! I hope you guys love it as much as we do.

Read on for some links to what we're talking about and how to contact the show.

To contact us email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind. You can even send 30 second audio questions or comments (MP3 format please) if you're so inclined.

The Games

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
(Extra content link)
NCAA Football 07
Dead Rising
Half-Life 2 Mod Sourceforts (Wednesday Night Game!)

Metafuture Game Reviews Post

Thread of the Week

Music Credits:

Intro/Outro Music - Ian Dorsch, Willowtree Audioworks

"One Big Holiday" My Morning Jacket The Wired CD
"Relaxation Spa Treatment" Dan The Automator The Wired CD
"Dc 3000" Thievery Corporation The Wired CD
"Under Major Influence" New Delhi FM Daylight Confusion

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Show credits


I downloaded this and it was 12 minutes, cut off during talk about sourceforts. Whattup with dat? Just me?

Edit: Well it worked the 2nd try, ignore me

Rob decided it wasn't perfect so he re-uploaded with a fresh file. Sorry about that!

I think it is worth noting in reference to the discussion about Duke Nukem Forever and John Romero:

John Romero started out at id where they, prior to Wolfenstein and DOOM, were building the series Commander Keen. Keen was published by Apogee, who started a new brand name in 1994 called 3D Realms. Even one of the original id team members, Tom Hall, went to work for 3D Realms and made the series Rise of the Triad. The id team members maintained a friendly relationship with 3D Realms when they split from the publisher, so Romero supporting DNF is even less surprising and less accreditable than before.

I was fruitful and killed everyone's Marble Blast scores while listening

The beard shaving must come to pass.

Great show guys. You three work really well together. And as always Podunk's music is awesome. One song, with the long high-hat intro, gets faded out right when the cool guitar lick comes in, though. Maybe the high-hat part was too long.

I've had a few pissed off moments with Dead Rising's save game and I wonder how deep my Anger glass is, as well.

You know the musical pauses and interludes are just paving the way for ads

Excellent show, guys.

One song, with the long high-hat intro, gets faded out right when the cool guitar lick comes in, though. Maybe the high-hat part was too long.

I probably should have mentioned this on the podcast but we are looking for music to use during the show, apart from our new intro and exit music I would like to be able to use different music for the rest of the show whenever I can. So if you are a musician and want to show off a little, and you have a piece with no lyrics that you think might fit the show send it on over. It would be strictly volunteer but a great opportunity to get your music heard by a lot of people. You can e-mail us at [email protected]

Enjoy the show.

Hey, one of my threads was picked. Thanks!

TheGameguru wrote:

You know the musical pauses and interludes are just paving the way for ads :P

Currently, no one has offered us sacks of money to run ads in a podcast.

Currently, no one has offered us sacks of money to run ads in a podcast.

<--------- Says you! Church!

Pimp those wiener bombers, brother!

What kind of compression are you guys doing on the .mp3 files? I see that this show takes up almost double the amount of memory than a similarly long episode of the escapist.

Here is the thing I am really picky when it comes to sound quality, and ITUNES sucks! Here is the situation as it stands now; Itunes has a problem with mp3 files encoded using LAME VBR compression (Variable Bit Rate), and as far as I know it is the best way to encode an mp3 to get the best quality to file size ratio. The problem occurs if you fast forward or rewind while listening, Itunes screws up and stops before the end of the file and the longer the podcast or song the more it cuts off. Apparently this problem is due to the fact that Itunes uses an outdated piece of code that everyone else has stopped using. NO other file player out there has this problem only Itunes.

So to make sure everyone can play the file properly I have been using Windows MP3 encoding which is also LAME but, and here is the big difference, CBR compression (Constant Bit Rate). This constant bit rate is part of the reason the file gets so big, the other part is that the LAME VBR compression is a newer and better encoder. I can actually compress a file using VBR and limit the bit rate so that it stays constant and still get a smaller file than CBR.

I hope the larger file size isn't a problem for folks it isn't that much larger and I am always looking to squeeze the file size as much as I can but I want to try and retain the good sound quality. If anyone has any suggestions that doesn't cost a fortune to use please let me know at [email protected] and I will give it a shot. Or if you know the Itunes code monkeys kick them in the ass for me till they fix their bloody player! I do have an idea that I will try for the next show but I doubt it will help.

If I understand correctly, then the show should be CBR versus VBR right? iTunes shows it as VBR to me. I re-encoded it so the show can fit in my mp3 player as it was way too big for the amount of space left.

edit: I use foobar2000 for my music listening pleasure.

The first episode was VBR and the file worked after using a program that is supposed to fix the problem with some files, unfortuntely episode 2 wasn't fixable and therefore had to be encoded using CBR, episode 3 is encoded the same way. I tried compressing the file at 80 kbps and couldn't stand the distortion that resulted from it, it was very obvious.

I'll just manually re-encode it for my taste and use.