December 23 – December 29


No point in a bump this week, here's the entire list for this week.

- Ultimate Space Commando (download)

Xbox One
- Halo: Spartan Assault (download)

- Zen Pinball 2 (download)

Wii U
- CastleStorm (download)
- Pure Chess (download)

- Bird Mania Christmas 3D (download2)
- Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot (download)
- Edge (download)
- Pokémon Bank (download)

Par for the course in the last two weeks of the year, frankly. I'm going to give the nod to Zen Pinball 2 for the PS4, just because the Zen Pinball games are pretty fun, even if I'm not the biggest fan of their business model. But from the perspective of a solid pinball emulator, there's likely none better.

Of course, any week where you are weighing the relative merits of pinball simulation probably isn't going to be a particularly busy one. My time has been taken up lately with the great time wasters of the past couple years, Civilization V, Europa Universalis IV, Kerbal Space Program and Forza 5. I'm not asking for it to be the case, but I imagine if I had only those games for an entire year, and nothing else, I'd still end up being far better than I might otherwise expect.

Everyone have a happy holidays this week!


The GoG holiday sale has given me plenty to look forward to over the coming months. Sure I've already played a good number of the games but really they don't make games like they used to.

Ultimate Space Commando sounds like something I would've played on my Commodore64.

You missed this from last week, as it came out on the 20th, but Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is also out on Xbox One.

I'll just been playing Far Cry 3 and the Steam Winter Sale all week

What is wrong with the Zen Pinball business model? If you buy a table on one platform you own it on every platform (at least within the Sony ecosystem). I was actually quite shocked by that. I bought a bunch of tables on the PS3 and discovered I could download every single one on my PS Vita when I acquired that (Everything is better in the Vita), and I will have access to the same tables on the PS4 when I eventually get that. That is certainly more generous than most developer/publisher models...especially what we are seeing on the Xbox One.

I think they are trying to do the Zen Pinball deal on the XBox One as well.

Pure Chess got robbed. Why do you guys hate Nintendo so much?

Happy Holidays, folks!