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Speaking of work, Enclave for the PC feels a whole lot like it so far.

ItÂ's not often I play a game so un-inspired I feel like I should be making minimum wage while I indulge the developerÂ's need to show me pretty things. Graphically, Enclave is a sharp looking game with some great environments and character models but the game play is so boring I donÂ't know how long I can stand it. This is a pure hack and slash title yet the combat is falls flat time and again. Rather than rely on any real combat moves, the best way to survive as a warrior seems to be jumping in, swinging and then backing out again. Rinse, wash, fall asleep. As a hunter (bow/crossbow user) you run backwards and shoot in order to save the day. The druid is the most interesting though; with her you just shoot magic out of your staff until your enemy is dead one or two shots later. ItÂ's ridiculously easy playing the magic user, you have to wonder why anyone would use the warrior instead.

I think this game would have been better off staying on the Xbox, it doesnÂ't have the depth or ease of control it should have on the PC. Did I mention the port is so sloppy there isnÂ't a mouse driven menu in the game? I hope you like arrow keys!

Glad I got that out of my system.

IÂ've also rented Tenchu 3 for the PS2 and IÂ'm not too impressed with the camera system so far. WeÂ'll see how that pans out.

Now vote on the poll or IÂ'll flip out and cut your head off!



- Certis


Maybe I just love to be different, but I'm having a very enjoyable time playing Enclave on the pc.  First off, the game is incredibly georgeous and the level design is varied and interesting.  While I agree that the melee combat is stale and uninspired, the bow and magic users are fun to play with and some spell effects are very cool.

The biggest gripes about the x-box version (the lack of saves and difficulty in later levels) have been fixed with the addition of valuable checkpoints.  Once you make it to level 10 and beyond, the game gets damn tough with some one shot kills and tough-as-nails boss monsters.  I could see not finishing this game on the x-box because of this.

In general, I like hack n slash games such as Diablo and I kind of think of Enclave as a gorgeous 3D Diablo.  Sorry that I don't agree with you on this particular game Certis but the comments section would be pretty boring if we all liked and disliked the same games.

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I loved the demo and I'm definitely picking this one up no matter what you have to say about it ! I guess I'm easily amused. More power to me then!

Ummmm you forgot to put the "All of the above choice" in the poll

Well I can't comment on the PC version of Enclave, but the Xbox one I had a ton of fun with. Great game, it had a few flaws (mostly with collision detection) but a great game nontheless.

Arise thread, Enclave was re-released on Steam:


Just picked it up as I remember loving it back in the day. Don't know if it will still be fun, but I am going to give it a shot.