GWJ Plays The Hunter


Join Shawn Andrich and Julian Murdoch as they stalk through the fields in The Hunter co-op.


That was a lot of fun, guys. Thanks!

I have been playing this since it first came out. Really enjoyed it, but decided to cancel my Warden membership since I just don't play it anymore.

Great game and they are constantly adding new content. When I first started there was only one preserve to hunt with Deer and Elk only. I see they have added coop. That could be interesting.

I had fun listening to this while I was getting some coding done, and of course, now I'm intrigued and throwing this on the pile.

Also, here's the Catch All

You should tweet this to the @TheHunterGame. I bet they'd retweet and you might get some site exposure. I've seen them retweeting several Youtube videos lately.

Still watching the video. Certis, the first bird you saw was a male pheasant (not a turkey). The second a female. You even got the pheasant achievement on the first one.

(Seeing if the youtube time stamp works above)

(female left, male right)


Enjoyed the vid. Thanks.

Hey, I learned something today! Thanks Mannish

Oops, double posted trying to fix the time stamp.

Certis wrote:

Hey, I learned something today! Thanks Mannish :)

Southerner knowledge comes through occasionally.

I'm not into hunting at all and the video made me want to play. No Linux support and it doesn't work under WINE, though.

I can't image a more different let's play choice over the last one (Saints Row IV)!!!
Love these videos, keep it up!