GWJ Plays Saints Row IV


Join Shawn Andrich and Sean Sands as they discover Saints Row IV Coop ... together.


This looks so good! Perfect game for a Lets Play as well.

Anything remotely spoilery, or safe to watch?

Technically, there are small spoilers. Nothing particularly big -- and most were already revealed in marketing in advance -- but to be completely safe, I would not call it 100% spoiler free.

This just went from meh to yeah!

Looking okay but I'm really pining for a good "flying" power in a game. Why can no one implement this instead of the crappy "gliding" power instead? We've seen that same power in both the Infamous and Prototype series and I didn't really like it in either one. I always imagined that the perfect example of this power would be an above water version of Majora's Mask zora swimming mechanic - which was basically like flying underwater.

Which was awesome.

I've never played any of the Saints Row games, but that was a very fun looking video.

Elysium looks like (s)he could be ripped straight from the Matrix.

Maybe I missed the train here but are they on PC or console?


Well, I'm in. Recommend gamepad or mouse/keyboard?

Works great on a gamepad. I'm sure a mouse is ok too.

Tetnis wrote:

Well, I'm in. Recommend gamepad or mouse/keyboard?

I just asked this in the SR3 thread It turns out that Saint's Row lets you switch between gamepad and keyboard seamlessly, so it isn't really an either/or issue. In the time I spent in SR3 last night I played on the gamepad but switched to keyboard for the few sections where I had to shoot a large number of enemies quickly. If you're more adept with a gamepad than I am, I imagine playing purely on the gamepad would be just fine and probably preferable given all the driving in the game.

I just got Saint's Row 3 during the summer Steam sale. Any point in playing it or should I just skip to 4?

Thanks a lot - I had no intention of buying this before watching. You guys are costing me money.