GWJ Plays Shadowrun Returns


Today Shawn Andrich and Sean Sands play some Shadowrun Returns!


I'll have time to play soon, I'm sure. :'(

Great video! I really appreciate how Shawn picked out a non-spoilery section.

I'm really enjoying these videos, guys : )

If I hadn't just blown all my money in the Steam sale, I'd totally get this game. I would've kickstarted it, but it popped up right after several others that I'd already backed, and couldn't afford to add it to the list. Some day, my Decker friends, I shall have you.

This looks amazing. Fortunately, I went easy on the steam sale so I can justify spending yet more cash on entertainment this month. Thanks for the video.

Looks very good. I am assuming most of us watching don't have the game yet, otherwise we would be playing. Given some of the discussion on the last conference call, is there a sense of the ease or difficulty in using the level editor?

Wish I had backed the Kickstarter campaign. Oh well, bought it this morning, but won't have time to play till tomorrow maybe.

Almost bought this in the Steam sale, but wasn't 100% on it. Great video guys this is definitely on my buy list now. Thanks

I'm really enjoying it so far. Also looking forward to what the community comes up with. Should be many hours of playtime in the future.


The text indicates Jamal is not the distraught woman's son. Jamal took the pass when her son's brain 'fried'.

Happy to see a new GWJ Plays, always enjoy watching

Played this weekend! I like it a lot, but some of the streamlining throws me. There was one event right outside the run from the video that I figured I'd come back to, but the game doesn't allow you to go back outside the building to check it out later (or, for that matter, to return to the area from the game's mission hub).

I'm playing as a decker/rigger, which I knew would be a challenge (there are plenty of situations that don't have anything for a cyber-specialist to do, and combat's not easy), but it was largely an untenable role in the SNES and Genesis games. I don't remember if it worked in the 360/Live game.

Looks fantastic. Hopefully the game will keep developing.

I pray this game satisfies my urge to shop for body parts.