Employee Profile: Dimmerswitch

Psych wrote:

If I could only say one thing about Dimmerswitch, it would be that he is one of the nicest people I know.

Fortunately, I am allowed to say many more things about Dimmerswitch, but it is really hard for me to really say what I think of this wonderful person. When I lost my job last year, Dimmerswitch was there to help me keep my head above water. Through afternoon games of Team Fortress 2 and endless hours of Football Manager, he was able to keep me sane despite going through his own health issues. Because that is the kind of classy guy he is.

Dimmerswitch is and has been my Gamers With Jobs conscience, that little white angel on my shoulder. He has remained level-headed in many situations where I behaved regrettably. Eventually I figured out to speak to him before I said something idiotic. I highly recommend it to everyone: Before you post something in anger, just shoot Dimmer a quick PM.

Let me end with this story. He messaged me on Steam one day, starting with these words: "I screwed up last night. I got really drunk." I really wasn't sure where this was going, and I wasn't prepared for what he said next. "I blew my team's entire transfer funds on 6 strikers." Now, a quick explanation for those who don't follow soccer: A striker is an attacking player, and you don't need six starting strikers on your team. I think he spent an entire season dealing with these player's egos. I am also pleased to say that Dimmer didn't fully learn from this situation, and I got quite a few more messages of drunk regret in regards to his team's funds.

So let's all raise a glass — and I don't care if you are at work, go get some booze — and let's all raise a glass to this stand-up gentlemann!

1) Who the devil are you?

Chris Patterson here. I'm a Virginian by birth, Wisconsinite by choice. My wife and I have moved around a fair amount in our time together, but are happy to have ended up in Madison, where we're (finally) putting down some roots.

2) What are you supposed to be doing when you're reading GWJ?

I work as a front-end developer, and have been doing this for my day job since the bad old days of heavily-nested tables, when IE4 still had that new-pixel smell.

Internet Explorer still has a bit of an odor, so in some respects not much has changed.

3) How about family? Kids? Pets? Particularly meaningful inanimate objects?

In addition to the estimable Mrs. Dim, whom I love dearly (and whose affection for me is one of life's enduring mysteries), I'm awfully fond of these guys.


We also have chickens.


4) What first brought you to GWJ? What keeps you coming back?

Definitely the community. Goodjerdom is a pretty special corner of the internet. I most often view it as a family - though sometimes folks passionately disagree, and sometimes at great (imagined) volume, there is nobody here I wouldn't sit down and play a game with. The fact that the converse is (often) true is both exhilarating and humbling.

5) Why do you play games? Why haven't you outgrown them?

Well, at their heart, games are about the dynamic resolution of conflict. That's a fairly powerful approximation of human experience, I've found. Pretty sure when that gets old and uninteresting I will be, too.

6) When and/or how did you get into gaming?

I've been into gaming as long as I can remember. Far too many from my childhood for a full list, but some ones that cast a large shadow in my mind at the current moment:

Dark Tower, Wizardy, Stratego, Bilestoad, Chopper Strike, Eamon, Warhammer 40k, Kareteka, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Star Blazer, SimCity

My first console gaming was on a Bally/Midway system. This may also explain why I have gravitated more towards table or PC gaming than consoles as an adult.

7) What is your favorite game over the last year or so? Why?

Easily Telltale Games' Walking Dead. While the gameplay elements were not especially challenging, it's some of the most adventurous story-telling I've seen in a video game. It provoked a stronger emotional response from me than any other game I can remember playing.

8) What is your favorite game that you’re playing right now? Why?

Firefall. What Red5 is trying to do is awfully ambitious, and there's still a non-zero chance that it'll fail to work for a variety of reasons, but I see some real potential, even in the current beta state. (Plus, I have a soft spot for any game that leads to Felicia Day threatening me on Twitter ). There's a small crowd of GWJers who play regularly right now, and a larger crowd of more intermittent players, but we're always happy to have other folks join us.

9) What is the story behind your tag? ("Credit to Team")

It's a quote from Team Fortress 2. There were some other strong contenders, but in the end I chose this one because it epitomizes my goal in multiplayer games. I don't care about having the top score, or pulling off impressive plays. I want to be the guy who, when he's on a team, allows everyone else to be better.

10) Is there a particular forum on GWJ that you frequent/favor? Why?

In addition to the fabled TF2 forums, or being one of the two Everton supporters in the Sports forums (COYB!), I can often be found in Politics & Controversy. Why? Well, at its best it provides a way for me to understand the thought processes of folks on the other side of issues, and to challenge myself to avoid lazy arguments for my own positions. At its worst, I find myself asking that question, too.

11) Thanks for taking the time to answer our hard-hitting questions! Any last words?

Wait, why are you holding that hypodermic behind your back?


Props to the man who's always giving me mine in Fitocracy!

Grats on the profile! (I need to check the front page more regularly).

Congrats on the FP love, dimmer! You are a good egg and one of only a few people I know with chickens. Are your chickens for eating eggs or are they pretty chicken eggs for selling? From the looks of them those eggs are for eatin'.

Norfair wrote:

Now I know who to look for if the fabled Madison get together ever happens.

It is my solemn promise that I will host an S&T once we settle into a permanent residence here. If that looks to be unlikely by the time Dimmer decides to do one, we will have a mini S&T at a bar or something.