December 3 - December 7


As far as I can tell, Far Cry 3 wants to be Heart of Darkness: The Video Game, though how well it will actually encapsulate the deeper, darker themes it seems to want to explore is a question yet to be answered. What the game does seem poised to do is to bring together the best loved qualities of the previous two games into an amalgamation that UbiSoft likely hopes to prove greater than the sum of its parts.

Far Cry 2 was one of those games that a certain population loved deeply, but that just never quite captured me. It was a world I remember feeling oddly lost in, and never quite with a good sense of what I should be doing or wanted to be doing. I've often felt it was just the setting and environment. I didn't seem to want to spend time in the world the game presented to me.

I'm hopeful that a return to the island paradise setting reinvigorates my sense of exploration. I've always loved verticality in games, and when open world games present me as many opportunities to go up as out, I'm far more likely to be engaged.

Also this week, Guardians of Middle-Earth combines Tolkien and MOBA games into DOTA/League of Legends with Hobbit Fever. So, if that's your thing then enjoy.

- Far Cry 3
- Primordia (download)
- Shadow of the Game (download)
- The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles (download)
- AirBuccaneers (download)

Xbox 360
- Far Cry 3
- Guardians of Middle-earth
- Power Rangers Super Samurai

- Far Cry 3
- Guardians of Middle-earth
- Mass Effect Trilogy
- Page Chronica
- Resistance Collection
- Rotastic (PSN)
- Chulip (PS2 Classic)
- Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (PSN)

Wii U
- Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013
- Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
- Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
- Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game

- DJMax Technika Tune (PSN)
- Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (PSN)

- Murder on the Titanic (eShop)

- Christmas Wonderland 2 (DSiWare)
- Crystal Adventure (DSiWare)


wordsmythe wrote:
ccesarano wrote:

If I see boobs then they had better be a metaphor for something.

They are a metaphor for your longing for the comfort of mother's care. Probably.

Isn't that what you think about when you see Chesty McBust in a game?

The wobbly jiggle physics of Dead or Alive represent the chaos of battle, how two warriors dance together, but asymmetrically.

At least, that's how I explain the sheer impossibility of their movement.

shoptroll wrote:
ccesarano wrote:

If I see boobs then they had better be a metaphor for something.

The plight of Cucurbitaceae no doubt.

Wait, FC3 has titties? Why is this the first I'm hearing of this?