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International Gamers With Jobs Day 2012!


All the world 'round, we all get out and get together!

Inaugurated here, International Gamers With Jobs day has grown to a great circle of camaraderie and games.

This year, OilyPenguin has set us up with a good Catch All thread listing out the current gatherings. If you want to add another gathering to the list (it just takes two, willing to raise a beverage and have a little gaming fun), give me a shout and I'll cover it here.

Bring us all your stories and pictures. Whatever lampshade-wearing shenanigans you guys have going on, I know the rest of us would like to see. I'll be checking in with notes here at various points in the day, and someone was trying to put together a G+ hangout as well.

Each gathering has it's own traditions, and feel free to start new ones of your own and share them here. PennCon has Battleshots and apple butter and a whole raft of things going on. At the Pacific Northwest event, we accidentally walked into a tradition involving something from Anheuser Busch called a Chelada that someone found in the fridge, and we all spent a while trying to decipher the mental processes behind this product. If I remember correctly, it was actually consumed by someone. Good times, all around.

So I'll be at Tekman's house tomorrow with a pot of my infamous baked potato soup, and a can of queasy, questionable beverage. My bnpederson stand-in monkey (purple stripes, steampunk dormouse tophat, Rubik's cube bra) slouches at the ready. Let's all celebrate and play games!


Leave it to gringos to bastardize a proud Latin tradition. I give you:

The Michelada


Hope you guys all have fun!

London chapter in full swing. Cider deceptively strong. ParallelTeeth kicking arse. More news as it happens.

I am saddened that I couldn't attend the annual Goodjer day festivities this year. I demand that a drink be drank in my honor!

I'll just link the Frarkin frogohs thread here for everyone's drunken convenience.

Can't wait till tomorrow to read this.

Thanks, Hobbes. I'm sure that's going to be helpful.

I'm running late. My younger son, the king forever of bad decision making, brought home a drunken, barfing friend from last night's Firepit, and I need to deal with that. And no, I'm not posting pictures of what she did to my bathroom. :eyeroll:

Ah! Could we have some notice from now on? The day before doesn't let my calendar adjust. Please mention it sometime on the show in September, maybe?

I don't know if it got a mention in the podcast, but there was a forum post about it earlier http://gamerswithjobs.mobify.com/nod...

oh weird. guess that what happen with copying & pasting links from mobile

Yes, I'm sure there were forum posts, but I don't check the forum categories regularly. I just mark a few threads as favorites, mostly for games I play, and use the "My Favorite Topics" link. There are probably many other GWJers who would have wanted to do GWJer Day stuff but don't thoroughly review all the forums, or maybe never use them and only listen to the podcast.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll bat it around with the powers that be for next year.

Frankly, it's something I was planning to do, but family loss has essentially yanked two weeks of my life away from focusing on site stuff. Hence my absence from the show and delays in donation drive gifts.

We'll do better next year, just a weird anomaly with a lot of turmoil getting all up in our business.

A couple of pics from the Lodnon event are available over here:


Destrin wrote:

A couple of pics from the Lodnon event are available over here:


Who are those handsome gentlemen?

I'm sure more from Pencon will leak out in the coming days, but let's just say that dice were thrown. Mistakes were made. Scrotums were kicked.

Did we have one of these last year? I fail to recall.