August 13 – August 17


Since I'm not actually giving it Game of the Week, but it still seems like a pretty big deal, I'm starting this week off with The Last Story. While it seems to have all the standards that define a JRPG, from battle system to character design, word on the street is that this is something to stop and pay attention to. My problem pretty consistently with JRPGs is not actually their gameplay, or at least not always. No, what usually turns me off of them is their narratives, which I'm sure are entirely appropriate for their intended audiences, but always strike me as juvenile and dense with characters that act according to a flimsy archetype rather than a fleshed personality.

Word on the mean streets of JRPG fandom is that this game fits a more evolved mold, which is always nice to hear.

Also this week, Darksiders 2 hits PCs and consoles. Initial buzz appears to be largely positive, and the consensus seems to be that this sequel does what all good sequels do. It appears to take what was good about the first game, and then polishes, expands and improves without losing what made the game good to begin with. So, if the idea of a game that is basically Darksiders only more and bigger is appealing, then this may be for you.

But, my pick for Game of the Week is New Super Mario Bros. 2. The previous DS entry into the now ancient and hallowed series is, for my money, one of the best implementations, and another go-round on that particular carousel is an easy choice for the pick of the week. It's almost enough to get me to think about buying a 3DS. Almost.

Regardless of your pick of poisons, it seems a hard week to go wrong.

- Legends of Pegasus
- Sleeping Dogs
- Darksiders II
- Tower Wars
- Drip Drip (download)
- Iron Brigade (download)
- Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (download)

Xbox 360
- Darksiders II
- Sleeping Dogs
- Dust: An Elysian Tail (XBLA)

- Darksiders II
- Sleeping Dogs
- Papo & Yo (PSN)
- Shinobi (PS2 classic)

- The Last Story

- New Super Mario Bros. 2
- Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D (eShop)

- Crazy Chicken Pirates (DSiWare)


For $36 on I couldn't resist Sleeping Dogs. Downloading it now