GTD Weekly: April 8-14, 2012


Great video. Its my saturday morning thing now. Keep it up boss.

Good job as always.Enjoyed the minecraft video too...almost makes me want to dive in!

Thanks. Yeah, there is a serious tipping point for Minecraft. I played something like 30 hours and still didn't really get it. Then, something clicked and I'm now borderline obsessed. Another Minecraft video is on the way tomorrow, and it's a lengthy one.

Great job as always. Thanks for making these, it's a great way to recap the big news from the last week.

Great video!

Damn, I must be impatient, because I don't think I've ever played a game for 30 hours without getting it - I would have stopped way before then. Like I did with Minecraft.

I wonder what it would take to remove the Kinect part of the voice shouts for PC users who don't want to have to get a(nother) Kinect.