March 26 – March 30


You have to love that a game like Gettysburg: Armored Warfare exists. Conceived and put together by a one-man army, Danny Green, Gettysburg is budget priced at $10 and built on an inventive and engaging concept. Obviously it's not a unique idea, particularly to anyone who has read Harry Turtledove's book Guns of the South, which constructs the alternative history scenario of what if the Confederacy suddenly had access to AK-47s?

It's absurdist fun. How did Gatling guns, flamethrowers, zeppelins and artillery end up in The American Civil War? Who cares? Let's just see if Picket's Charge turns out a little differently if I'm supported by air-to-ground bombardment!

I'm inclined to give Gettysburg my nod as Game of the Week, but a lot remains to be seen about the implementation. The game is exclusively multi-player, with support for up to 64 players, and there's been no shortage of times where great ideas have met up with less than great execution. I sincerely hope that this is not one of those cases and that Danny Green is about to release something special, positioning him to be the latest Notch.

Also this week, Rayman Origins launches on the PC, and I have to admit that I'm inclined to finally pick this game up. I've hit a good lull, and after a season of gritty violence in the form of Mass Effect, Skyrim and Battlefield 3, a nice colorful vacation sounds enticing.

As for Game of the Week, in honor of Tiger Woods winning his first PGA event in some 900 days at Bay Hill yesterday with a solid 5 stroke win, I'll give the nod to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. It's been a couple of years since I've picked up a golf game, and the idea of getting some virtual time in on the links is a soothing one.

- Gettysburg: Armored Warfare (download - $10)
- Lone Survivor (download - $10)
- Rayman Origins
- Solar Struggle (download)

Xbox 360
- Capcom Digital Collection
- Ridge Racer Unbounded
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
- Tropico 4: Modern Times (XBLA - $20)
- Warriors Orochi 3
- Wrecked - Revenge Revisited (XBLA)

- Closure (PSN - $15)
- Ridge Racer Unbounded
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
- Wheels of Destruction: World Tour (PSN - $10)
- Wrecked - Revenge Revisited (PSN)

- Supremacy MMA

- Arc Style: Soccer 3D (eShop - $7)
- Horses 3D

- Idiot Squad (PSP mini)

- 90's Pool (DSiWare - $2)
- Penguin Patrol (DSiWare - $2)


Journey was robbed!

Okay, I'll stop saying that.

I'm stoked to give Gettysburg: Armored Warfare a go. I was willing to take that $10 challenge.

This looks like a week for niche markets, if anything. Assuming virtual golf is a niche market. I can never tell with EA Sports games anymore.

Either way, gives me time with Kid Icarus while starting up Mass Effect 3, where I shall inevitably sigh and say "screw it, no Dragon Age 3 for me after this". That's my prediction, at least.

It's spelled Riiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer Unbounded. I hope, anyway. Looking forward to a demo maybe perhaps hopefully.

So is that cover washed in purple to match the Kinect banner or because Saint's Row the Third's color scheme made purple the new brown?

Didn't even realize the game was coming out this week. No wonder he won. Great marketing ploy, EA Sports.

Tiger can't carry the cover of his own game now? Oh how the mighty have fallen.

And you should definitely pick up Rayman. Fantastic game. Great couch co-op, too, which is so rare these days.



I was thinking about getting Tiger 13, but then saw a DLC pack of courses for $39. That's $100 for the game and a decent amount of courses.


interstate78 wrote:



It is boundless.

Ridge Racer Unbounded is also out for the PC this week. Look for it in Steam if you're in the US.

jlaakso wrote:

Ridge Racer Unbounded is also out for the PC this week. Look for it in Steam if you're in the US.

Random question, does it have LAN play?


Is that the DLC that fixes the Mass Effect ending? (Rim shot)

Not much for me this week, which is good because I'm still burning through my queue from Christmas.

LAN play, afraid not. It does work great in LAN though, but everybody does need an internet connection and an Xbox/PSN/Steam user account to join in... One of those painful cuts at the end. (But I've got this brand new review to make you happier!)

This year's Tiger Woods sounded like a bunch of same-old-same-old until I saw some screenshots.




So good pick this week.