The Year Ahead – 2012


During this season when everyone will be or has been announcing their games of the year for 2011, I like to stop and get ahead of the curve to announce game of the year for the coming year. And, if I may be so bold, on the years when I actually remember to do this I have a pretty decent track record. At this time last year I called it and announced Skyrim as 2011's game of the year, and damned if I wasn't basically right.

In 2008 I called Dragon Age: Origins for 2009's GotY, which I think is pretty dead on, as was calling Fallout 3 in 2007. As for the other years, I either forgot to go ahead and make the prediction or I made one and it was so bad that I surreptitiously deleted the post mid-year when no one was looking. I honestly can't recall.

2011 was a stellar year for video games, and frankly 2012 looks set to pick up right where '11 left off. As for game of the coming year, I admit I'm torn between three choices. First on that list is Mass Effect 3. BioWare has been on a roll with me of late, and ME2 is one of my favorite games of the past few years. Next up is Diablo 3, which just looks to be shaping up better and better every time I see it. And, let's not even talk about how many hours I put into D2 over the years. But, neither of those is my game of 2012.

No, the "honor" goes to Bioshock Infinite as my choice for Game of the Coming Year. Everything about this title excites me. The setting looks as unique and inventive as Rapture ever dreamt of being, and when it comes to making a game I'm going to give a damn about, I'm not sure there's a company in the business right now I trust more than Irrational Games. If I could pick only one new game I get to play this year, it's Infinite.

But, I don't have to pick just one game, which is why there is also room in my heart for Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm, The Last Guardian, Guild Wars 2, Torchlight 2, WoW Mists of Pandaria, Max Payne 3, The Last of Us, Borderlands 2, Syndicate and probably a half dozen other games I don't even know that I should be excited about yet.

What's your pick for Game of the Year: 2012?


oh man, how could I forget about...

That is now high...HIGH...on my must have list.