Win a Tribes: Ascend Beta Key!


As announced on the latest podcast, we're giving away three Tribes: Ascend beta keys on next week's show! All you have to do is email us your fondest Tribes memories and we'll enter you in the draw. We'll read a bunch on the show as well and reminisce about the good old days. Just hit the contact link on the top of the page here and hit us with the memories!

Tribes: Ascend is the upcoming free to play online game that plays a lot like Tribes 2. This is a good thing. Feels great and even in an early beta form it's a ton of fun. Join us!


Winning the chance to help developers debug their product for free? Awfully odd prize.

I sent something in....should do it lol

I've never played tribes, so I guess I lose automatically.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto is close though, right?

No Edwin. It is not. You can download both Tribes and Tribes 2 for free and try them out.

We've had quite a few "My favorite memory is winning a key so I can make some memories!"

Which is fair.