Donation Drive 2011 Begins


For nearly nine years has been defined above all else by its community. Over that time we have provided content from a prize stable of outstanding games writers, we have reported from a host of events and expos, we have recorded and posted more podcasts than I dare count, we have hosted and enjoyed GWJ events across the country and we have hosted what I think is one of the best forums on the internet. And, as proud as we are about all of that and more, it pales in comparison to the joy we have taken and continue to take in being a part of this rare and wonderful group of like-minded gamers.

As a community driven site, though, we depend on you to help us keep this mad experiment lit and alive. And so, every year we come to you for exactly one month and ask for your help to fund the tech, the bandwidth, the talent, the equipment, the events and the expenses of running, supporting and growing the site. This is that month.

For those of you with the means and ability to help us keep the lights on and the juice flowing, please consider providing a donation, whatever you think another year of GWJ is worth.

You can donate using Paypal or by sending a check. The drive will end on Sept 30 at 11:59pm CST, and we will not open the coffers back up for contribution again until next fall.

How to Donate: 1) Click the donation button on the sidebar to the left. 2) Send your donation through Paypal to [email protected]. 3) If you would like to send a check or organize another form of payment, private message me for more information.

Important Note Following Donation! (Yes, read this part) : If you would like to have your forum icon updated or potentially be included in upcoming events please send a separate e-mail following your donation with: the real name or pseudonym under which your Paypal donation was submitted, the amount you donated, your GWJ forum name. Use the subject GWJ Donation 2011 for your e-mail. It is important to complete all these steps to get the most from your donation!

We know that not everyone is able to justify supporting a gaming website, and we thank all of you for the other kinds of support you provide every day of the year.

For those of you used to seeing the prize giveaway tied to the donation drive, we are separating the two events this year. We will definitely be having a giveaway -- with the kind and caliber of prizes you've come to expect -- and we will have more information about that giveaway and the ways to enter later in the month in advance of a drawing scheduled for International Goodjer Day in October.

We will be posting regular updates indicating progress on new icons, recognizing donating members, providing more information on our upcoming giveaway and more information over the month of September. Thank you all in advance for your support!



To all our benevolent overlords, I would like to say thank you for putting up with us.

Donation in bound, in few days.


Done and done.


Monies, you has it.

My money, it is in you.

If donating money is wrong then I don't wanna be right.

If you are on the fence, just do it. Visiting this site has easily saved me my donation many times over...good people is the kicker!


My donation is in.

Shut up and take my money!

Or wait... don't shut up or I suppose that would ruin half the site.

GWJ has always been my first internet stop of the day for the last 2+ years. Thanks for the awesome site and community!

What would Chris Johnson do? Then do the opposite. Thanks for the great content this year. Donation sent.


I love this place.

Thanks for another great year of the Conference Call each and every week -- far and away my favorite podcast!

Done. Now then, on with the party!

I did the thing with the thing.

Money en route. Be on the lookout for the world's slowest snail. That'll be the one carrying the loots.

So, is the separation of the drawing a legal issue? Just curious.

Donated. You guys are awesome and happy to support you!

Look forward to many awesome years to come.

Are we still doing community donations for drawing prizes? I ask because I'd like to drum up support from the local gaming companies as there are some here in Seattle.

And sent!

Donated. This is still the only place on the internet I go to to talk to people. This is still the only community on the internet where English is spoken. This is still the only place on the internet free of jerks.

This year I've lapsed on podcast listen-in, I think because of Spotify having taken over my commute audio time, and I haven't been very active on the forums due to being busy with other stuff, but I still lurk all the time. It pleases me that there is a safe place I can return to when need be.


Great site. Great community. Keep up the great work!

I didn't read carefully enough. Funds are on the way, email on the way, but subject of email isn't exactly what you requested.

DonD wrote:

I didn't read carefully enough. Funds are on the way, email on the way, but subject of email isn't exactly what you requested.

Crap. I did the same. Don't think I put the right subject in.

And done! Thanks for another great year everyone.

((Sniff, sniff... I'll miss you, wiener bomb))

Done. Fair thee well, Company Car. You were faithful, but onwards and upwards!

Donated. Now where's my hooker and blow that Certis promised!?