Hotel Room of the Future


Micheal Lasky, writer for just got back from a stay in the Hotel Room of the Future. The Hotel room included a 42" Plasma TV, free broadband internet (even available through the TV and a wireless keyboard), a thumbprint controlled security safe, jacuzzi complete with a second TV, a Panja touch-control remote that can control almost anything in the room (lights, drapes, temperature, TV/DVD, bed, ect.) and a compressorless mini-fridge that is completely silent. Needless to say, he was pleased, though there were a few snags.

As the resident technology writer for, I would be interested in reviewing this hotel room for a writeup here. So Certis, get on that, I'll pack my bags.


Mmm Heated toilet seat! One day when I'm rich and famous my house will be like this too.

So Certis, get on that, I'll pack my bags.

Sure thing, I'll get you a one way ticket to no-f*cking-way and mail it off to you asap.


Wow, I can feel the love in!