I Was a Vegas Showgirl


I know what you’re thinking, but this week’s game isn’t a secret auto-biography of Sean “Elysium” Sands’ wilder years. The world will have to wait a little longer for that magnum opus. No, I Was a Vegas Showgirl is a 3D adventure game about a showgirl, a casino, and a hat.

You play as Sissy O’Leary, who is a dancer at a Vegas casino. In the opening scene you’re asked by your boyfried to steal the lucky hat of the owner, Stack-O-Lee. From there the story unfolds in a number of ways depending on how you handle the task. It’s fairly short, but there are multiple paths to take towards the end that give different outcomes.

The interface is very similar to Grim Fandango, so similar I’d say it’s identical. The gameplay is fairly similar too, though the puzzles are pretty straightforward. The game has a very unique art style, with characters that are basically weebles with giant legs and a heavily art-deco-influenced environment. The storyline is short, and the dialogue is brief—but definitely not typical videogame dialogue.

Why You Should Check This Out: I Was a Vegas Showgirl is a bite-sized morsel of adventure gaming. The art and dialogue are definitely a breath of fresh air, while multiple endings leave the last bit of the game very replayable. It’s a fun bit of game that’s just a little different, exactly what Fringe Busters is all about.

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Any OSX download?

What the ...? I'm interested.

The interface is similar to Grim Fandango? Ugh. Worst part of that game.

The world will have to wait a little longer for that magnum opus.

Aw. I am sad now.

Minarchist wrote:

Any OSX download?

If there's an alternate OS download (and it's not a web browser game), I'll make sure and list it. I didn't see one for this game.

The controls and camera changes killed me right out of the gate. While WASDing myself into every object conceivable to see if it had an associated action I got a bit of a headache. The camera flipping about was too much. I'd rather see it done with simpler single screen rooms so I didn't have to fight the camera.

Will give it a go. Sounds fun.