Donation Drive 2010 Begins


Every year at GWJ we take a month out of the calendar and open up the trusty old account to whatever monetary kindness you all care to impart, and every year we are genuinely awed by the outpouring of generosity from this community. As we again put hat in hand we do so with the hope that you have found another year of podcasts, articles, commentary, slap and tickles, and forums worth not only your time but a little financial support.

Supporting the site is as simple as clicking the make a donation link on the sidebar.

And, of course, we wouldn't dream of kicking off the donation drive without also announcing another year of prizes and give-aways, not to mention another yet to be revealed forum icon. As has become the custom, the Grand Prize is your choice of an Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii or fancy new video card -- an EVGA GeForce GTX 460.


We also have a very cool prize donated from our good friends at Irrational Games, a cool Murder of Crows statue from Bioshock Infinite signed by the Irrational art team and Ken Levine.


We will only be accepting donations (and entries into our prize giveaway) until 11:59pm October 15, 2010. Every donation of $10 or more is eligible for an entry into our giveaway -- additional entries are added for larger donations. To ensure that you get all the benefits of your donation it is VERY IMPORTANT you read after the bump for more details.

IMPORTANT - READ THIS: Being involved in the donation drive giveaway and getting your forum icon is a two step process - you must send a separate e-mail to [email protected] with the subject Donation Info. You must include your forum name, the name under which you donated and the amount donated. Icons and donation information will be updated periodically, and there may be a delay between submitting your donation and receiving confirmation and a new icon.

How To Donate:

We offer two ways to donate.

Email: [email protected]

Also note the handy dandy donate button to the left.

*Read This!* If you would like to be entered into the prize contest and receive your latest icon you must send a separate email to [email protected] with the subject Donation Info. You must include your forum name, the name under which you donated if it is different and the amount donated. If you don't, you may not be eligible for the prizes or your donation icon!

Snail Mail : Please note, all snail mail donations must arrive before October 10th to be eligible for the grand prize drawing. Send early! To receive the snail mail address, please send a Private Message through the site to Elysium.

The donation drive will run through 11:59pm October 15, 2010, at that time the link to the donation links will be taken down, and no more donations will be accepted until the next drive.

As always donors get a special forum icon added to their name. First time donors get a golden key. If this is your second year donating you get a gold watch. Three years earns the iconic weiner bomb, four years gets you a company car, five years a company jet, six years a fancy yacht. Seven years is your very own Corporate Companion Cube, and for the elite few who have been with us since day one and donated to the site for all eight drives ... well, let's just say our next icon is ready to really bind you to the site.

How to Win :

As always we offer multiple entries for those of you who donate a little more.

The scale for this year is the same as previous years.

Donations/Entries into the drawing (U.S. funds)
$10 - $24 = 1 entry
$25 - $49 = 2 entries
$50 - $74 = 3 entries
$75 and up = 4 entries

Only one prize per person! Winners will be drawn on a date and time to be announced.

The Prizes:

If you're not from North America, you can still win the grand prize provided you have a local site we can order from!

Staff of GWJ and their families are not eligible to win (staff of GWJ being defined as anyone who has ever had posting privileges to the front page).

All prizes are new and in original packaging.

Grand Prize


Runner-Up Prize

Your choice of a Nintendo DS, Sony PSP Go or a 32GB iPod Touch


Additional Prizes (We will periodically be adding prizes here)

Again, friend of the site and international bon vivant Ken Levine and the kind folks over at Irrational games have ponied up some signed swag for the refined Bioshock Infinite lovers. Our prize package this year includes an awesome Murder of Crows statue signed by the Irrational art team.


We are also offering one of two $60 gift cards for a

Game of Your Choice


Prize drawings will be announced at a later date.

Thanks again for your continued support now and year round.


oilypenguin wrote:

i've only got $15 in my paypal account ATM, will there be a running tally of donations if I do it more than once or should I just wait until payday?

Waiting makes life a little easier for us. Plenty of time

Sadly, one of my dogs tore his ACL saturday and now I have to pony up the phat ducats to get him healed. He is, after all, leading scorer in his league and there are many matches left to be played before he retires.

Still, I shall find a way to contribue. Oh yes. I will.

Money sent. Email sent. Now I wait.

HedgeWizard wrote:

Sadly, one of my dogs tore his ACL saturday and now I have to pony up the phat ducats to get him healed. He is, after all, leading scorer in his league and there are many matches left to be played before he retires.

Still, I shall find a way to contribue. Oh yes. I will.

Dog basketball?

Weiner bomb, here I come! Thanks for the awesome site.

And, done.

Congrats on another great year, and best of luck with the Drive!

Thanks to everyone making this place awesome.
Donation sent. Email sent.

I dipped my hand into the tip jar and took a handful of bills.

Woohoo, Wiener Bomb!

I'm not really into gaming bric-a-brac, but that crow thing is beautiful. And it's signed by Ken Levine *man crush*

Wow! Wasn't expecting my key so fast.
Does this mean I can look down on all the poor, nonkeyers mooching off our fertile internets?

Dyni wrote:

Donation sent! Wish I could afford to send a little more. Thanks for everything!

Me too! I'm in the same boat. Wish I could, too.

Donation and email sent. Thanks for another great year!

I got my wiener bomb and before *Legion* did. This is the best week in my GWJ life ever!

I will be donating ASAP

Always wanted to donate, and now I'm just waiting on a Paypal transfer to clear.

Perfect time to dodge Paypal's silly bank withdraw fees and contribute at the same time.

I literally just joined a couple of days ago and everything previously said on the podcast about how nice everyone is on here is completely true.

Reason enough to donate, even if I didn't already feel like I owe you guys for the weekly fix of games chat I've been gorging on for the last couple years!

Done and done!

Now, i'll just be in my bunk awaiting my prize!

Wow, another year has passed? My donation will be smaller this year, I have a mortgage to pay nowadays...

Donation made!

Thanks for an awesome site/community, so glad I found you

Time to get rid of this key!

Go, go ad-less GWJ!

Love the forums. Love the podcast. Love the people. Hate money. This is perfect.

Donated $100 AUD

which probably equals about 35c US

Thank you all for the entertainment and friendship you all provide!

Tigerbill wrote:

Will it be a new Slim 360?

Of course it will, their not that cheap.

My paycheck will arrive in two weeks and $ 10,- will be going to elysium's paypal account. Getting to listen to the conference call every week (and occasionally posting on the boards) is totally worth it! If I had my pick for one the prizes, of the consoles I'd choose the 360 slim* and of the handhelds the iPod Touch. And free game? Don't know, there really aren't any fall releases that make my blood flow...

*: upgraded my launch rrod-fixed 20Gb 360 with 120GB hd 6 months ago, but it's still noisy as hell.

And done. Donation and email away. It really has been a pleasure being a part of the goooodjer community.

That time already. Well pay day is coming up soon.

Donated. Thanks for the site and podcast!!

You guys ever notice how that Certis guy doesn't donate? He's been here since the beginning and not once has he donated. Sheesh!

Donation and email away. I never thought I'd find a game community that I'd stick with and that's worth donating to. It's so great being a part of this. Thanks for being bad ass and fueling my addictions, while adding new ones (board games).

Donation and email inbound.

Quick question, does the golden watch still allow access to the Executive Washroom? Hate to think that after giving up my key I'll be banished back to the regular employee's washroom

Sean "Elysium" Sands wrote:

...well, let's just say our next icon is ready to really bind you to the site.

I'm guessing Golden Handcuffs.

Done, I love winning contests and I love GWJ.