Donation Drive Winners!


We drew the winners of the 2010 donation drive last night! In the following order, the winners get to choose which prize they would like to have.

1st Choice and grand prize winner is DSGamer! (He picks the Xbox 360)

2nd - LilCodger (Nintendo DS!)
3rd - Breechload (Rock Band 3)
4th - Eyedoc (Murder of Crows Statue)
5th - HedgeWizard (Deferred)

Alts (in case anyone defers)

Congrats to our winners! Consult the prize pool on the main drive thread and please make your choice in the comments here so the other winners know whats left. Once you choose, email [email protected] your mailing address so we can get your prize to you.

Thanks again for all the support and here's to another great year at GWJ!


Grats! (Guess my other donation check did not get to the guy pulling the names out of the hat!) /grumble

congrats guys. Jealousy thy name is Crunch.

Three months from now, we'll get to enjoy a thread of DSGamer complaining about some aspect of the thing he won.

Woohoo! Congratulations, winners!

I'll get you bastards next year.

In the immortal words of doctor Horrible:


Congratulations you magnificent jerks!

Another year, another congratulating the winners and remembering that even though I didn't win it's really about supporting the site.

Wait -- what?!?

Congrats you guys!

So awesome! Congrats to the other winners as well!

I was cleaning up a board game at HedgeCon when the announcements were made. All of a sudden everyone at my place starts hooting and hollering. It took me a few moments to realize they were saying I got the last draw. Such good fun last night, and what a way to ring in the party!

Hooray! I've been saved the horrible choice of deciding what to do if I won two years in a row. Thank you!


I was going to feel jealous, then I realized that I would have traded down anyway to make Certis buy me Cataclysm.

Congratulations to everyone!

So, what's in the bottle?

Congrats to the winners!

(Hopefully next year I find the right person to bribe or blackmail...)

Slacker1913 wrote:

Congratulations to everyone!

So, what's in the bottle?

Wasn't it established last night that it contains the purity and essence of Ken Levine's natural... fluids?

Congratulations to the winners (you jammy gets )

So what did I win?

Awesome. DSgamer, we will converge, and have a Portland Bioshock Conclave. We'll wear smoking jackets and gaze approvingly upon our statuary.

That is, unless you're not into statues.

Awwwwwww! (in an increasingly higher pitch as you reach the last 'w')
You guys suck!
I mean, Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

Congrats, guys!

And thanks again to my anonymous benefactor for allowing me the chance to participate in the donation drive this year!

Hopefully soon I'll be able to pay it forward somehow

Congrats all!

Congrats to everyone!


Of course the real winner is the site!

Next year maybe...

What, I didn't win anything? I take my donation back.

In the immortal words of Idle Thumbs:

Congrats DSGamer, f*ck DSGamer.

Congrats, winners!

Just saw this. I was away for the day. Ridiculous luck. Wow. In a year where I've been employed for a grand total of two months I'll definitely choose wisely and enjoy. Sorry, Legion. You can start a pool, but I'll keep what I get.

To all prize winners: it's my birthday today. Just sayin'...

Seriously though: congratulations, enjoy the donation spoils!

Gratz to the winners. A bunch of cool peeps.

EDIT: Took a second look at my 360 and saw that it was manufactured 2/2010. Forgot I'd had a RROD in the Spring. Assuming that makes it a Jasper I'll want until tomorrow AM to think it over between that and the PS3. Sorry about the delay and thanks for understanding.

- Insert joke about me changing my mind -

Well aren't you a bunch of jerks, stealing all my luck.
Congratulations winners!

Impressive. You spelled my name wrong SEVEN TIMES.

I mean... congrats!

Gratz all!