Leap 4 Blue


Leap 4 Blue at first seems a little intimidating. There’s a large expanse of impassible terrain, and your tiny character is tasked with jumping across the chasm to reach his goal. However, there’s a twist. Instead of just jumping on whatever platforms are available, you actually create new ones to jump onto.

This takes the standard platformer formula and metagames it. Now you’re trying to decide optimal platform placement and manage to jump on it before the platform disappears. Later wrinkles, such as blocks that kill you and locks (complete with keys), further complicate the situation.

The graphics are a very simplistic, but well animated. The world is filled with vibrating, monochrome blocks. It suits the music, which are some very fitting chiptunes tracks. It combines for a very late-’80s videogame feel, but not in a retro way. Everything is well defined and they didn’t do the sprites in the 8-bit style, it just feels like a late-80s “cyber world.”

The riff on the traditional platforming gameplay left me feeling like I had way more options than a normal platformer. I could go anywhere on the screen that I wanted; however, I’d have to still actually land the jumps. It’s a fine balancing act that makes the game far more interesting than the simple platforming mechanics allows.

Why You Should Check This Out: Leap 4 Blue takes the traditional platforming formula and tweaks it. You’re placing the blocks that you jump on, which turns it into a bit of a meta-game. I have the freedom to choose where I want to go, but I have to balance that with the difficulty of landing the jumps. Such a simple twist turns a standard platformer into a fascinating game of risk management: Do I have the skill to make just one more jump?

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Do you intentionally have it as Left 4 Blue in the title?

ClockworkHouse wrote:

Do you intentionally have it as Left 4 Blue in the title?

Fixed, my bad.

Tee hee.

Boy, the music is AWESOME!