Sudo Make Me a GWJ Site


Developing and maintaining the Gamers With Jobs code base and server has become more than I can manage on my own. More importantly, it doesn't make any sense to keep it as a one-man show when GWJ has a diverse and talented community of folks, some of which have expressed interest in helping out. We thought it'd be a cool idea to try letting the community contribute to the site's development and we're fortunate enough to have some great tools available to allow us to do so without also making the site itself a completely unstable mess. The software that powers gamerswithjobs.com is called Drupal, which is an open source content management framework. If you're interested in learning more about it, or you're a system administrator, an experienced developer that's looking for something fun to do on the side, relatively new to web development, or fancy yourself a good QA tester, I'd be interested in your help.

For obvious reasons, we don't want to just open up the everything we maintain to the world. So, I've setup a couple of projects that we can work off of in Github. Within the Github projects (one for site-specific functionality and configuration, one for the theme), we can track issues and feature requests while we discuss and work on code changes. I've written up instructions for how to build your own local copy of the GWJ site (minus the private content and user data, of course), and have tried to make it as easy as possible to get rolling. Once you're setup, you can start working adding new features, fixing bugs, and more. Git, the technology behind the source code repository on Github, will allow us to do pretty cool things with versioning so that, if you want, you can work on pretty substantial changes to the site without affecting other, relatively minor, changes like security updates and bug fixes.

Since this is new territory for us, we'd like to keep the process fairly organic for now. If you're interested in helping out, send me, Doogiemac, a private message with some information about how you see yourself contributing to the site.

I've created a bugs and feature requests thread in the Tech and Help section of the site for those of you that would like to participate in discussion but, for one reason or another, can't help with development or testing.


Quintin_Stone wrote:

I'd like to help out, but one question: what kind of knowledge and expertise is going to be useful? I'm a developer, but I have no experience with Drupal, content-management systems, PHP, XHTML, and even my CSS skills are rusty.

Depends on what level of the "stack" you'd want to help out on. In general, the overall skillset for maintaining the site includes: Apache, MySQL, PHP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and Drupal itself. Obviously, though, you can help in any of the levels of the stack. We're also just looking for testers, etc., which wouldn't necessarily require any of those skills, but would definitely require an eye for detail, patience, and strong communication skills.

PM sent. I have moderate experience with Apache, MySql, PHP, and Drupal.

PM sent.