GWJ Conference Call Live This Sunday!


Pardon the late notice, things are coming together quickly here at rabbitcon. Sunday at 8PM EST we'll be recording the podcast live on Ustream for anyone who wants to pop in and ask some questions!

Join the fun here on UStream!

Don't worry, if you can't make the show we'll be releasing it on Wednesday as usual.


FYI: Live show replay is at

The live shows are always neat to watch. Thanks guys

Certis wrote:

Thanks for coming guys! In special thanks, we offer Cory's seductive moves.

Suggestion for the GWJ Store...Bobble Head Cory

.... Need More GWJ Youtube Videos....

rabbit wrote:

FYI: Live show replay is at

Whoooooaaa. First I've seen of the new avatar. Little less rabbit and a bit more baron munchhausen. Nice.

It was nice to put a face with the guys I listen to each week. Seeing all of you reminded me of "Revenge of the Nerds". I hope you guys didn't get beat on too bad when you were kids.